Social media marketing : 3 tactics to grow your brand presence

Since people are more into online shopping now, this is very important that the business owner gives proper attention to increase online sales. It’s a great challenge to increase online sales. Knowing where to start and how to stand out from the thousands of other e-commerce sites can be daunting.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is the process of using social media platforms to promote and sell your products, services, and brand. Brands can use both unpaid (organic) and paid social media marketing tactics to increase online sales and generate awareness.

Social media sites include common ones like Facebook and Twitter, but there are also lesser-known social media sites that brands can tap into. Quora is one of them. Quora can be a smart place for marketers to advertise or promote their brands in a unique way.

Impact of social media marketing

The benefits of social media can be defined in many ways. Below is a sum of the main benefits you can expect to gain from the use of social media for your brand.

1. Advanced Targeting

The exact audience that your business is targeting is on social media. You can find them based on what they are talking about and the data that is associated with their profiles. This is a huge advantage for brands with a niche or local market. Use social media as a way to find your customers and solve any needs or problems they may have. You will discover more tips on how to find your target audience in Lesson 3.

2. Brand Awareness

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Social media allows you to market your business to thousands of people around the world at any moment. There is no limit to the demographic, location, or type of consumer that your brand can touch. Every time someone shares one of your posts, your reach grows larger. 

3. Increase Relationship Capital

For the first time in history, brands have the opportunity to build relationships online through social media. For brands on social media, it means to build a bond within the market you are targeting. People tend to buy from brands they know and trust. You must first look to connect with your customers on a personal level and look to sell lasts.

4. Lower Advertising Cost

There are Facebook ad campaigns that reach more people than billboards. YouTube, which is the second-largest search engine in the world, can be more cost-efficient than network TV ads. Social media allows brands to be laser-focused and spend less on advertising.

5. Direct Access to Customers

Social media allows you to connect with your target market, prospects, and customers at any time. In fact, some platforms allow you to import your contacts into your account to connect with them. You can use this as a way to instantly inform your customers on current promotions, special offers, new products, and more. And best of all its free. This is a great way to upsell your current base.

6. Increase Leads & Sales

Social media marketing can increase sales. It is your job to decide how. There are people who are tweeting right now about a specific need they have. Brands who engage with this audience daily may convert leads. A percentage will turn into sales and the source will be apparent. Perhaps you have a great website, but you just need qualified traffic to convert them into sales. Social media can help generate the traffic you need.

Each benefit of social media described above is all different factors that play a role in your campaign results. But knowing the benefits of social media will not be enough. However, knowing allows you to plan for success. Now you can implement the right strategies for your business to reap the results you want. Or you can simply contact us for campaign ideas.

3 social media marketing tactics to grow your brand presence

Monitor Conversations About Your Business

Social media is a goldmine for listening to and participating in customer conversations. However, the constant onslaught makes it difficult to identify the information that really matters. Brand listening is the art of deriving valuable insights by observing, compiling, and analyzing conversations about your brand, industry, and competitors.

The social listening functionality taps into the complete spectrum of conversations across 150 million websites, social networks, print outlets, and media broadcasts. The tool’s analytics will benchmark your performance against competitors, pinpoint conversational themes, trace viral hashtags, and identify relevant influencers.

Interact on a Regular Basis

Social media advertising is completely different than other forms of advertising. Your followers need to be fed fresh content regularly to keep your brand alive on social media. Seek out and share popular videos, images, and news to post to your pages. Diversify the content to arouse interest. 45% of Facebook users and 39% of Twitter users normally do not interact, but they are paying attention to the conversation. Position your company as an interactive brand among your potential customers to win more sales.

Make It Easy to buy on your social channels.

Social-driven retail sales are growing at a faster rate than all other online channels, and buy buttons play a starring role in this growth. Buy buttons let users make seamless and secure purchases from within social networks themselves. They reduce what’s normally a multi-step process to a single click.

As an example, we can see the functions of Facebook Buy Button.

In June 2014, Facebook unveiled its first buy button to the public. This September, they launched a buy button for Messenger. If you host a Facebook store, you can showcase your best products, hold special Facebook sales events, display exclusive merchandise, and have a dialogue with customers.

Run an influencer campaign

Influencer marketing has become one of the trendy marketing strategies used today. Brands of all kinds starting from makeup products to clothes have started to run campaigns through famous influencers.

If you can identify influencers who have engaged audiences that represent your target market, you can pitch them to share a sponsored post that features your brand and products.

Some influencers will ask for a free product in exchange for posts, while others may require direct payment, depending on their reach and the extent of the collaboration. In such a case, look for influencers who have a similar set of values with your brand. such campaigns can play an important role to grow the online sales of your business.

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