Explore Free Marketing Tools

We made and curated you some tools – so you can stop focusing on little, time consuming business management and spend more time that really matters.

Sales CRM Template

It can be a headache to get all your leads organized in one place. Start tracking your sales lead with this Google Sheet and Excel CRM Spreadsheet

Customer Persona Template

Find your true buyers using this customer persona template. Make a mock customer profile & start building your customer journey by using this template.

Content Management Template

Managing a content process or team is tricky and it can be difficult to follow a content strategy you've made. Use our free template to improve your content marketing.

Marketing Budget Tools

If you do not have a spreadsheet to organize your yearly marketing budget. Download this to manage expenditure for your marketing activities.

Business Plan Template

Download this business plan template to for your new startup or organize your goals for existing business. It will take not more than an hour.

Sales Plan Template

Most of the business doesn't have a sales plan, yet they want to run advertisement to get more customer and clients. Create a sales plan using this document to fix it.

HR & Payroll Template

As a small business owner, it can be tough for you to manage your hiring, payroll and other HR process. We want you to succeed even if it's not related to marketing.

Cash-flow template

Accounting is a boring yet important task to ensure your business are running smoothly. Use this cash-flow template to manage your daily financial tasks.

Google Search Ad Tool

This is a great template that we use in-house to manage content of the Google Search campaign for our clients, get this exclusive template to organize your google ads.

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