Explore Free Marketing Tools

We made and curated you some tools – so you can stop focusing on little, time consuming business management and spend more time that really matters.

Business Plan Template

Download this business plan template for your new startup or organize your goals for your existing business. It will take not more than an hour.

Market Research Bundle Kit

Use this bundle to complete your market research from one place. Get an instruction workbook and 5 templates for your first step into marketing.

Customer Persona Template

Find your true buyers using this customer persona template. Make a mock customer profile & start building your customer journey by using this template.

Marketing Budget Tools

If you do not have a spreadsheet to organize your yearly marketing budget. Download this to manage expenditure for your marketing activities.

Sales Plan Template

Most of the business doesn't have a sales plan, yet they want to advertise to get more customer and clients. Create a sales plan using this document to fix it.

Sales CRM Template

It can be a headache to get all your leads organized in one place. Start tracking your sales lead with this Google Sheet and Excel CRM Spreadsheet.

Creative Brief for Marketers

To organize your marketing campaign effectively your first task is to sorting out the brief for your in-house team or the agencies. Download some from here.

Press Release Template

See a guided approach to making and distributing a press release for your company or product successfully. Download this template to ramp up your PR game.

Google Search Ad Tool

This is a great template that we use to manage the content of the Google Search campaign for our clients, get this exclusive template to organize your google ads. 

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