Quora: A smart place for marketers?

Quora for Bangladeshi Marketers

What is Quora?

Quora is a very useful platform where anyone can ask and answer questions.

And the community votes on which answers are most helpful.

A few other things set Quora apart from competing for Q-A style platforms as well.

  • High quality answers from knowledgeable sources.
  • You can directly communicate with your target audience and ask questions.
  • Huge number of topics covered. It’s a veritable goldmine for new content ideas.
  • Quora questions often rank quite high in Google search results.
  • Building a follower base is quite easy with high-value content and planning.

In a nutshell, Quora is worthy of being an important part of your content marketing strategy.

Why is Quora a smart place for marketers?

For marketers, there are a handful of really great reasons why Quora might be worth considering.

Such as-

  1. Gain exposure to Quora’s 700,000+ monthly visitors.
  2. Build expertise and authority on your chosen topic.
  3. Learn from others—users, customers, industry experts.
  4. Answer questions about your product.
  5. Find out the questions people are asking about your product or industry.

Quora has launched its service in Bangla as well. It will help increase the participation from even more Bengali-speaking people. So, using Quora in Bangla can be a great opportunity for Bangladeshi marketers to market their products and reach more to their target persona organically through this platform.

How You Can Use Quora for Your Brand

As I mentioned above, Quora is a great tool you can use to drive brand awareness and establish thought leadership, but it can also help you generate blog topics from frequently asked questions and is also a resource for compiling quotes from industry thought leaders.

For marketers, Quora is a great way to find out what issues are puzzling your current and potential user base. Use this information to determine the direction of future content.

By answering Quora questions related to your industry, you can demonstrate your expertise in the space and improve your company’s brand image.

Most importantly, you can influence people to start thinking about the problem in a new way—one that considers your product niche.

As long as you’ve clearly stated who you work for, you can also explain how your product can help solve someone’s problem. How’s that for direct marketing?

Whether you’re just getting started with Quora or are a seasoned pro, here are 3 tips on how to get the best of Quora, to market your company.

1) Know who’s viewing you

Each answer provides stats for the number of times it’s been viewed, and by which users. If you click on “# views,” you can see how readers are being led to your answers. Are they finding your content through your profile, through tagged topics, or through random browsing?

By visiting your personal views page, you can also obtain an overall assessment of who’s seen your answers.

After all, the whole point of marketing via Quora is to influence people and gain exposure for your company.

2) Get even more social

Linking up your Quora account with your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, or WordPress accounts allows for easy social sharing of your answers.

Immediately after you’ve answered or posed a question, an automatic update will be pushed to your other platforms.

This way, you can draw even more people to Quora—especially those who are already interested in what you have to say.

You can add your work details or brand details in your bio, thus it will help people to know about your brand/ service.

3) Be genuine

Sometimes, we see the most insane questions on Quora. I’m talking Yahoo Answers-level questions along the lines of “Can you make me a business plan? Here is my website.” or “How do I marketing??”

As tempting as it is, resist the urge to give sarcastic, condescending answers.

Don’t forget that you are representing your company through Quora, and all of your actions can reflect on your company’s level of customer care. What’s more, joke answers will be collapsed by moderators, so don’t waste your time.

On the other hand, well-crafted answers to bolster your reputation and can even generate leads. If someone with a substantial number of followers votes up your answer, it’s promoted to all of their subscribers as well.

Start Using Quora!

We already know how this social platform can help your marketing strategy.

We know that Facebook and Twitter are great avenues for engaging with your audience and spreading the word about your company but don’t neglect other powerful platforms such as Quora. This platform is still underrated for promoting products but no wonder it can be used for marketing purposes as well.

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