ZenBook Duo 2021 Launch with Tamim Iqbal

ASUS Bangladesh launched their first major laptop in Bangladesh for 2021 with ASUS ZenBook Duo 14. A refreshed and refined version from its original ZenBook Duo and Pro Duo which was launched in late 2019. We also executed that launch with four influencers that ended with a mega event. From its success, we needed to take the ZenBook category to a wide range of people to promote the productivity feature it has for all kinds of people. ZenBook Duo is one of a kind to feature a second screen from where you can multitask easily and be more productive in your daily life. The new features do not just help specific professionals that we featured previously, but everyone who would like to take their productivity game to a new level.

Who can be a better option than the Bangladesh ODI captain Tamim Iqbal when we discussed possible campaign ambassador or this launch. Tamim has widespread popularity and his audience loves him for his outstanding performance as an opener batsman.

Integrated Launch Campaign with Tamim Iqbal

From ideation to managing Tamim Iqbal for ASUS, we did our part to involve him with the ASUS brand. We planned an OVC to introduce him as a campaign ambassador for ASUS & ZenBook through an Online Video Commercial. Despite his tight schedule we managed to execute the video production with a help of an amazing team in one day while maintaining all COVID guidelines during the shoot. Everything was pre-arranged and the campaign was executed clockwise as planned. We loved how Tamim collaborated with us smoothly to bring the best outlook for him. A digital launch plan was also prepared by us to integrate Tamim’s image and video with the regular social, web, and PR activities – making it an integrated launch campaign. See the campaign video from here!

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