eCommerce Website Redesign for Stackbee

eCommerce website redesign for StackBee

StackBee is a multi-brand tech-device eCommerce brand that hosts phone, TV, and consumer gadgets for the Bangladeshi audience. StackBee is managed by Contrivance distribution and holds the right to represent brands like Anker, OnePlus, Nokia, Soundcore, Eufy, Nebula, and Nothing Phone.

We re-designed the StackBee eCommerce website to bring a fresh branded look and customization to their eCommerce system, so they could make it ready for their marketing campaign during the launching of the product. We catered to some unique needs of pre-ordering the specific product and completing the pre-order lifecycle within the website itself.

We also added critical marketing automation systems, so their online customer can have a smooth experience, and stackbee can effectively manage their online customers.

We also did the site’s SEO Audit and technical SEO optimization during delivery. The video training and handbook were provided to the StackBee team, so they could manage the website’s content alone without any external help.

Stackbee eCommerce website redesignYou can visit the website and the Behance portfolio from here.

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June 2022