Dolbear is an upcoming tech-gadget eCommerce brand with three physical store presences in Dhaka. They aim to be a trusted source among waves of shops that don’t sell authentic products. Dolbear promises to bring authentic and original tech brands to Bangladeshi consumers with proper warranty and service while ensuring their loyal customers get the best deals possible.

What was the Valentine’s Campaign Goal?

Our goal was to create a Valentine’s Day campaign for Dolbear’s current and loyal customers so that they could establish a possible image of their brand and future offers and deals. Being a new brand, Dolbear needed to showcase that they are providing great deals alongside the promises it makes to its customers. A relevant gift and opportunity were created targeting Valentine’s Day so that they can get more tech gadgets, smartphones, and accessories sales with this offer.

We came up with three primary offers, so everyone can get something along with the chance to win unique gifts and opportunities.

We focused on three offers:
  • Mega Offer: A lucky winner will get a Pan Pacific Sonargaon Dinner by the Pool on Valentine’s Day.
  • Gift Offer: 10 selected customers will get a Valentine’s Special Cake delivered to their location or home with customized wishes.
  • Any customer who buys any product from the Dolbear store or their online store will get special valentines gift wrap and a bar of chocolate with a customized romantic message.
The Result:

We have seen great results by running Valentine-focused social media content, Facebook, Social, and Google Search ads, and establishing hoarding and banners on the store itself. Incoming and online customers were delighted to receive this, appreciated this gesture, and purchased more.


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