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Marketing Budget Templates Bangladesh 2019

Why do you need a proper Marketing Budget Plan?

Contrary to popular belief, your seasonal marketing budget will not bring you a consistent result with a sales or visibility growth. Even if you think, it’s your big time to acquire your customers. You need a solid format to set your yearly budget, so you don’t get deviated from your goal. We all know executing a marketing plan requires time, energy, creativity and an obvious money.

The first thing your CEO or Marketing Head will ask you before implementing the plan is the expenditure you are going to do for the firm against the return (Sales). Well, you need to plan your budget for the activities you are going to do, this can include the budget for new product development, paid advertisement, events, web asset management etc.

A proper marketing budget plan can also help you to take a step back from the overspending and set your priorities for each month and quarter. If you are an organization with a team of marketing exec, I am pretty sure you’re using one. But, checking out these templates might remind to you add or remove your marketing activities for the year of 2019 as well.

There are other aspects of using this.

Who can use this?

We curated a MASTER BUDGET Template, for the C-SUITE Executives like CMO or Head of Marketing. So they can get an overall overview of their overall marketing budget for the year of 2019. These templates have an auto-populated chart with Bangladeshi Currency (TAKA) option. We also included an instruction before you can go to the 2nd tab of the template for using it.

We also curated 7 MORE Budget templates for Marketing Managers and Executives, so they can create the budget for their organization or department with either category or activity-wise. As usual, instructions with an Automated Graph Chart option is included in every template.

Here are some of the screenshot of marketing budgets templates.

Marketing Budget Templates 2019Marketing Budget Template 2019

Use these templates to track spend for:

  • Marketing for New Product
  • Content Marketing
  • Branding
  • Public Relation
  • Paid Advertising
  • Website Design/ Re-design
  • Event Management

and a Master Template to rule them all.

Can I Modify this?

The FREE templates are fully customizable. You can add them as a Google Sheet Calendar. Download the Excel Format and modify based on your requirement and use it.

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