Marketing Calendar 2019 Bangladesh

What is Marketing Calendar 2019?

In one sentence, we created Marketing Calendar 2019 to showcase the important events that are related to our country and internationally in one place. Marketing calendar 2019 is a Google Calendar form, which you can simply add to your existing calendar in one click. Most of the brands and companies show their tribute based on different events over the year. If you are informed about the events that are going to happen in a given month. It’d be easier for your or your marketing team to plan ahead and create campaign or content before the actual date/ event comes.

Why use it?

You can also gather similar information from the internet and organize your calendar in this way. But to make your life easier. We compiled all the national events of Bangladesh including national holiday and unconventional festivals, so you do not miss out the trends or sudden HYPE around an event.

We did not just make the title’s in Bengali, but we also added the historical details or significance to each event. So your marketing team can take a look. Get some idea about the event. Even go to their relevant Wikipedia page to know more about it.

Special Dates Marketing Calendar 2019

We all know, that we do not look into our calendar every day. What if we miss out an important event? That is why we also added an option, so you will be notified by this calendar 4 Days ahead of the event date.

How to use it?

It’s pretty simple to use it. We have embedded the calendar below for you to see. You can simply print it and keep it offline. But, then you miss out the notification option. If you want to add it to your existing Google Calendar. Simply, go to the bottom right of the calendar.

Click on the PLUS (+) icon following by a prompt “Add it to Google Calendar” and then it will take you to your calendar and you can add it.

Another best part is. You can keep the calendar with your regular calendar routine, meetings and events or you can de-select it from the left sidebar anytime, to keep a clean experience.

So here it is! Click the +Google Calendar Icon on the bottom left corner.

So here it is!

If you like this initiative. Please feel free to share the post with everyone. We made this calendar for Public Use. So, you can share the calendar link with your colleagues in your organization and friends who are working as a marketing professional in other organization.

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