Find Your True Customers Using Persona + Free Template

Customer Personas

What is Customer Persona?

Customer Persona or Buyer Persona is the fictional idea and general representation of your ideal customer. They are individual customer profiling that helps you to understand your current customer in a better way.

This can help you to find out the potential new customers. Specify your target market using this method.

For online marketing, customer personas can assist you to make content to the specific needs, behaviour, and concern of the different groups. In one sentence,


Why Negative Customer Persona is important?

On the other side, a negative customer persona is a representation of who you do not want as your customer. We do this mistake very often when you just provide a few criteria for your sales & marketing team and they make content based on that.

Filtering out your negative persona helps you to identify your target customer even better, saves time by not creating content tailored to them and saves the advertisement budget.

Some criteria for finding negative customer persona are:

  • Professionals, who are too advanced for your product and service (not a good fit).
  • Learners and students, who are only interested in your product or services for research/ educational purpose.
  • the potential customer’s who are expensive to acquire for you.
  • The potential customer’s who are not a good fit with your operational & financial expectation.

How to build customer personas?

You can do research, survey, and take an interview with your target audience to generate ideas. That includes a mix of current and potential customer lead from your database. Including the potential one that aligns with your product. They can be outside of the database – like competitors customers.

Some way to find them are:

  • Take phone or in-person interview
    What type of fashion do you prefer?
  • Find trends from your existing customer
    What’s your company’s employee number?
  • Ask leading questions through a survey
    Which social media do you actively use?
  • Ask your sales team
    Who buys our product 3 times in a quarter?

Build Customer Personas for Your Business Now (Free Template)

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