8 Ways You can Use Video for Your Business

It’s not Why Video? – It’s now Why not Video?

Videos are nowadays becoming one of the most prominent ways to promote a business and its products. Video contents can easily break the communication barriers and also provide a sense of credibility at the same time.

The extent of business videos can be really broad, and so is the benefits and market advantages that might come out of it.

You cannot simply just create a video for your business and expect it to be overwhelmingly engaging. You’ll have to understand the types of business videos you can make and the differences between them in order to deliver the right one at the right moment.

1. Product update videos

No matter what industry you work for, the products you deal in are certainly going to get updates during the course of time. What you can do here is you can actually promote your updated products via business videos so that people find it easier to understand how much your product has changed and how to gain the most out of it.

2. Explainer videos

Do you want to promote your new product which isn’t really easy to explain? Business video is the answer here. You can show people how your product works and what benefit it brings to the people. Of course, your product is going to make their lives easier, but they’d never get to know about it properly if you don’t help them know.

3. Onboarding videos


Imagine you provide a set of services that require online registration. In this kind of cases, you can engage with your customers more, by making a brief welcome video for them. Studies have shown that, if you welcome your customers when they make a deal, they become more prone to fulfilling them afterwards. It even increases their chances of getting back to you in future.

4. Webinar/ Event promotional videos

If you are arranging a webinar or online event, one of the best ways for you to promote your webinar is video contents. You can make short and attractive promo videos so that people get enticed to know about your webinar. As the webinars are also a kind of video content, the easiest and the most efficient way to get them some stage is to market them using video contents.

5. Testimonial videos

People turn to people when they need advice. In the world of internet, people sometimes put their faith on the reviews of even an unknown web surfer. That is why testimonial videos are important. The credibility that the testimonial videos carry can change someone’s perspective about your brand value.

6. Promotional videos

Promotional videos are basically advertisements. There are a versatile amount of creative ways to make people know about the product you’re selling. These kind of business videos are not just for marketing products. You can create a really stunning promotional video to promote your product, brand or even yourself.

7. Social videos


Do you get influenced by social media? Well, every one of us does. Everybody nowadays gets influenced and hooked by the spiral of social media. A really trending and efficient way to use this power of social media on your favour is to make short and magnetic business videos. As people spend most of their idle times scrolling down on their feeds, it’d be really easy to get a decent amount of reach throughout these platforms.

8. Review videos

Review videos have been there since the beginning of Youtube. But, it’s a powerful tool even when you do it from In-house. You can also get a boost by involving a third party who has already proved themselves as domain expert with a moderate and large engaged follower base. This way your customer can get an unbiased view of your product and choose the best alternative. This helps your customer to take the final steps of buying the product most of the times. You can also take the first step of implementing DIGITAL PR by third party endorsement videos.

Here’s a bonus video from a razor subscription company called Dollar Shave Club and probably you have seen it before. If not, it’s a must watch for you.

Let me share the impact. Today, that video has been viewed over 22 million times, and Dollar Shave Club has grown to include a team of about 45 full-time employees, 1.1 million subscribers, a whopping $615 million valuation in 2015, and most recently a $1 Billion all-cash acquisition by Unilever

Still thinking about not implementing a video strategy to your business? What type of business video is best for you? Did you find the right one by knowing these eight options? Let us know by starting a conversation with us.