Choosing Public Relation Method – Digital or Traditional PR?

What is PR or Public Relation?

Public Relations is a term which defined as strategic communication which builds mutual benefits in between organizations and general people.

Public Relation

Public Relation

This term is defined by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA).

Now there is a clear definition of what Organization is?

An Organization could be a company or a brand, an individual. And those who are getting facilities from organizations are the general people or public.

Now there are two major terms in this PR. one is Traditional PR and the rest one and most important one is Digital PR.

Now that two PR are different from each other in many ways. Now let’s explore what is traditional and what is Digital PR.

What is Traditional PR?

Traditional PR is mainly based on Media releases just like releases on newspaper, television or on the radio.

It could be press releases, an advertisement, any trade show. Even if that brand sponsors any event, it is a part of their PR. It is definitely the best thing for the product or company or brand promotion. But there is some question:

1. How many people watch this?

2. Do they really reach to the people whom they really needed to be reached?

3. Did the promotion reach to exact people who actually need to know about that brand or product?

4. How many times did it need to be published through newspaper or media for its publicity?


public relation

Traditional public relation

5. How many days it will be available on people’s mind if we stop promoting?

Is it really easy to answer all of those questions?

Yes, it’s really hard and that is the main drawback of Traditional PR. Again to get the publicity you need to wait for many days. You do not even calculate when you will able to get a call from the client side,

If you are running a traditional PR, you need to be more than patient and you have to wait for long, it could be lifetime.

Do you want that?

When there is a problem, there is a solution. To get rid of all the problems created by Traditional PR, there comes Digital PR.

What is Digital PR?

Digital PR is actually the combination of traditional PR with content marketing, social media, keyword searching and researching.

News and promotion could be spread further and faster and directly to the targeted audiences with a fraction of a second.

Just a few clicks, few photos, and a few promotions, your brand name will be worldwide. Each and everyone will be able to know about your brand name, your company name.

You can target your audience, even you can be fixed the age and area of your target.


public relation

Digital public relation

Moreover One has a vast way of promotions such as facebook, twitter, online news portal, blogs, online advertisement, Instagram, different kinds of advertisement on many websites and so on.

You can fix the time period when you are exactly prepared for your product promotion.


public relation

public relation

Again, there are chances of cost reduction, You just need to promote for once, then the promotion will bring many expected or unexpected clients for you.

Moreover, you can check the background, the problem and each and every detail of your client.

Now the decision depends on the organization side, which PR they will choose. Though We know that no one will go for the traditional one in this 21st century.