3 Powerful Ramadan Ad Campaign That You Must See

Advertising is the best way to communicate to the customers. Advertising helps to inform the customers about the brands available in the market and the variety of products useful to them. Advertisement works for everybody including kids, young and old as it is done using various media types, with different techniques and methods most suited.

As the period of Ramadan is a great opportunity for the marketers to market/ advertise their products, advertisements related to the theme of Ramadan is a good option for it. It helps the Muslim Community to connect with the brand.

Below, we bring you 3 Ramadan ad campaigns from different brands that you should see right now.

1. Surf Excel’s (You Before Me)

Surf excel’s 2019 Ramadan ad shows how we should think about the well being of others before ourselves. The video highlights a little boy who cares about his friend more than himself. It gives us the message to be empathetic to others and spread positivity.

This advertisement got lots of appreciation from the customers.

2. McDonald’s (Share the spirit of Ramadan)

McDonald’s 2018 Ramadan ad revolves around the theme of caring and sharing. Featuring a Muslim McDelivery driver in Singapore, the video highlights a day in his life, from waking up early and having his first meal with the family before dawn, to carrying out acts of kindness along the way during his deliveries.

On his last delivery, the customer asks if it was time for him to break his fast and offered him a “Happy Sharing Box”, which the protagonist had just delivered to the house.

3. Zain (Ramadan 2018 Commercial)

This nearly four-minute advert was created by the Kuwaiti telecoms company Zain and has proved highly controversial. While some people called it an “exploitation” of the holy month of Ramadan and “the epitome of commercial opportunism”, others labeled the ad “brilliant”.

It features actors playing world leaders that include Donald Trump, Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin and North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un, who are shown distressing scenes of refugees around the world by a child, including Syrians and the Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar.

The final scene refers to the teenage Palestinian activist Ahed Al Tamimi, imprisoned for striking an Israel soldier, with a group marching towards the Dome of the Rock singing “our Iftar will be in Jerusalem, the capital of Palestine”.

Advertising a product helps in the growth of the sale but for that the brand has to be sure to keep up with the trends hence, conduct campaigns accordingly.

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