Logitech Marketing Agency
HYPE Dhaka becomes marketing agency for Logitech in Bangladesh
HYPE Dhaka partnered with Logitech in Bangladesh to support them with a full range of...
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Facebook ad approval tips
Best Practises for Facebook Ad Approval: DO’s and the DON’Ts
Over the years, Facebook’s advertising platform has continued to evolve, adding more and more options...
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Spotify marketing in Bangladesh
How to Start with Marketing on Spotify > An Advertising Guide for Bangladeshi Brands
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You must hear this if you're a regular user of Social Media a world-leading music...
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Guerrilla marketing
Top 3 Best Guerilla Marketing Example From TV Series
Guerrilla marketing is an advertisement strategy concept designed for specially small businesses to promote their products or...
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Content Marketing that caught our eye in Bangladesh - October 2020 Cover
Contents that caught our eye – October 2020
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We are being bombarded by a plethora of contents almost every day. From educational to...
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Backlinks for SEO
How to get great backlinks for your SEO
A “backlink” is created when another website links to yours. Want to grab some quality...
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Rank in Google
How to Rank #1 in Google: In 9 Steps
Undoubtedly, to rank #1 in Google is a hard nut to crack. Well, is it?...
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SEO tools for business in Bangladesh
Top SEO Service Tools for Business in Bangladesh
What is an SEO tool? Search engine optimization (SEO) tool, or organic search marketing tool,...
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pinterest marketing
Pinterest Marketing: A Smart Option for Bangladeshi Marketers?
Are you wondering how you can use Pinterest to market your small business, company, blog,...
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Repurposing content
How to Repurpose Content for Different Social Media
Repurposing old content is actually a time saver. Aside from that, you can also give your...
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