3 Impressive Social Media Campaigns from Brands in 2019

social media campaign 2019 Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, the number of active social media users is increasing rapidly every single day. In fact, according to the Global Digital Report 2019, over 45% of the total world’s population is using social media which accounts for 3.5 billion people. That’s huge, right?

social media usage stats

Businesses in Bangladesh are aware of the importance of social media marketing as 73% of small businesses invest in social media marketing.

If you plan to launch a successful social media marketing campaign in Bangladesh, you should learn from these campaigns.

This list of the 3 best social media campaigns of 2019 in our eyes, will give you ideas on how to make your next campaign a success. 

1.Olympic International Mother Language Day 2019 Campaign

Why did it work?

This Campaign by Olympic was highly praised by the audience. It portrayed the emotions in the most natural way possible. Mass people could connect, they received the message. What else do you need to make a campaign successful? 

2.Robi Best imo Video Call Experience Campaign

Why did it work?

People stay away from their family. Meanwhile, they miss thousands of moments that they never get to experience again. This campaign by Robi shows how those souls staying thousands of miles away can stay connected with their family and loved ones. 

3.Robi Common Sense Campaign

Why did it work?

It was a campaign to create social awareness among mass people regarding different issues. A good communication was made and thus this campaign was quite an effective one.

So, next time you plan a social media campaign you can take ideas for these or you can contact us for a social media campaign. We are located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. But, open to working remotely too.