Top 4 best AD campaigns for coronavirus

AD campaign coronavirus

People around the world are taking precautions to combat the current pandemic. Amidst all of that, many brands are doing what they can to lend a helping hand and survive this crisis (Coronavirus).

Running a marketing campaign during a global pandemic can be tricky, but during this crisis, there are many examples of brands that are doing marketing right even in this pandemic.

Here are the top 4 best AD campaigns for coronavirus:

1. Apple

After big storms, we look for rainbows. Because we are people and we love to hope. And this is what we teach to our younger ones.

A nurse from Florida started a challenge to draw a picture of a rainbow and hang it on the windows. This has been a viral worldwide sooner than Coronovirus itself.

Apple was not late to create a commercial to express how creative people can be, and how much time we have now to do so when we are staying home.

2. Deliveroo (Restaurants Return)

Deliveroo is celebrating the return of their customers’ favourite big-name and local restaurants to their delivery platform. It means well-loved meals from KFC, Burger King, Wagamama and a host of others can once again be ordered online or via the Deliveroo app and delivered straight to your door, contact-free. 

The praise-worthy part of this campaign is that it doesn’t claim things have become normal rather it kinda introduces the new normal for the world.

3. Fine Hygienic Holding (Waste Can Mask Our Future)

Hundreds of thousands of face masks are disposed of around the world every day, and they don’t degrade. Medical waste management is becoming a challenge for most of the countries. And the disposal of medical waste is important just like dealing with COVID-19 is.

If we don’t start to protect our planet today, there will be nothing left to return to.

4. Dove

We are staying at home and saving lives. Easy, right? This is a war that we can help to win just by staying at home.

Not everybody’s duty during this pandemic is that easy. Dove doesn’t forget to appreciate their work and also donates for them. Here is who “they” are. And this AD is for them.

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