Role of PR in Content marketing: Two sides of the same coin?

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Being very similar in nature, one can easily say that Content marketing and public relations (PR) are two sides of the same coin. Most people thought with the emergence of social media, public relations (PR) may become irrelevant. But it didn’t. Instead, it started using different approaches than the age-old methods of engagement and publicity. 

As PR and content marketing share a common goal, there is a great deal to be gained by harnessing a hybrid approach.

Did you consider Combining Content Marketing with PR and Vice Versa?

Reasons behind combining PR & Content Marketing plans for your business

Offers Consolidated Platform for Sharing Ideas

As a content marketer or a PR professional, you have to keep track of the latest developments and trends across multiple industries. When you combine public relations (PR) with content marketing strategy, it offers a centralized platform to exchange ideas between your content marketing and PR teams. The insights from the PR team can help the content marketing team to create content that resonates with the latest market trends. On the other hand, the creative ideas coming from content marketers will help your PR team to understand what type of content your target audience wants to read.

Facilitates Content Outreach

With approximately 2.5 exabytes of data produced every day, it’s getting harder to stand out in the digital realm. Even the most carefully crafted content will do no good unless it reaches your potential customers in time. This is where PR comes in. When you combine PR with your content marketing strategy, it becomes a lot easier to publish your content on a reputable website or blog.

This combination can also help you acquire a broader audience. Plus, it helps you send a unified brand message across multiple digital platforms including online publications and social media channels.

See this content marketing matrix:

Role of PR in Content marketing Bangladesh
Source: Content Marketing Matrix

Build Trust and Relationships

Any PR professional worth their salt knows that building a mutually beneficial relationship with top influencers, journalists, and editors is one of the biggest challenges in public relations. By combining PR and content marketing, you can put more impact and ready-made content into the hands of influencers and journos regularly. When you share well-written content with them, they are more likely to connect with you. At the end of the day, this translates into success for building a symbiotic relationship and trust with them.

Improves Your SEO Efforts

As press releases are often shared extensively on the Internet, they can be a powerful search engine optimization tool. However, due to their lack of SEO knowledge, most PR professionals fail to exploit press releases to boost SEO efforts. However, when combined with content marketing, you can optimize your press releases with built-in keywords. You will be able to create press releases with valuable inbound links, leading to increased traffic to your website. This can be the ultimate game-changer in your conventional content marketing strategy.

How to Combine Content Marketing with PR

When they work in tandem, public relations (PR) and content marketing can produce excellent results. The integration of these two channels will vary depending on your business structure and the available resources. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Identify Each Team Member’s Strengths

Though public relations (PR) and content marketing share the same goals, each takes a different approach to reach them. That’s why you need to identify the strengths of each team at your disposal. Chances are PR professionals don’t know SEO and content marketing team doesn’t know PR. So, the first thing you need to do is identify the expertise of each team member and their job roles.

Plan Campaign Themes Together

With more than two teams working together, the team members are more likely to come up with multiple themes and story ideas. That’s why both, content marketing and PR teams need to plan campaign themes together. Planning together will ensure that your company is not promoting two different things at the same time. Both teams also need to plan how they are going to assign tasks to different team members because delegating responsibilities based on the team member’s job profiles will only help your campaign. This tactic will also help you come up with shared editorial and promotion calendars based on your business priorities and seasonal requirements.

Combine Content Creation Efforts

PR professionals, as well as content marketers, create high-quality content on a regular basis, but for two distinct types of target audiences. If you ask each team member to collaborate on content creation, it will allow you to generate better results. These combined content creation efforts will enable your team members to pull content that can be re-purposed to make your media outreach more straightforward and succinct. This will also help you run a smooth brand awareness campaign without having to wrestle for additional resources.

Integrating content marketing with public relations is one of the best ways to survive in an increasingly crowded digital space. The power of this partnership can provide you with unmatched marketing potential. The above tips will help you figure out why you need this partnership and how to make them work in unison.

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