Web Landing Page for ASUS ROG Campaign

Web landing page design for ASUS ROG Prebook Campaign

Our client ASUS wanted to create a landing page for their online advertisement campaign with the release of their new ASUS ROG Zephyrus Gaming Laptop.

Since it was a limited edition laptop specialized for hardcore gamers and the world’s slimmest gaming laptop during its time.

We also helped them to ran Facebook and Google Ads campaign to drive meaningful traffic to this landing page. The CTA (Call to action) button of this landing page could take the visitors to the Online Shopping site Pickaboo.com, Kiksha.com, and offline shops like Ryans Computers, Village BD, Star Tech Computers,  who we partnered with and another self-hosted site with Store location and information.

We tracked the campaign performance using Google Analytics to understand the visitor’s behaviour, so we could re-target the potential audience next time.

We also used another tracking method to see how many visitors clicked on the CTA button and landed into the different pages they are supposed to go.

It was a pretty successful campaign. For more data and complete case study. Contact us.

asus rog

You can visit the full site from here.


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March 30, 2018

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