Live Feedback Management System for Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Bangladesh

Live Feedback Management System for Ministry of Health & Family Welfare

The idea for getting a dynamic feedback management system came from the Directorate General of Health Services under Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in early 2013. We then initiated an ideation process with them to understand the small issues patients and their families are facing in Hospital and Health Complexes in Bangladesh. The Ministry also wanted to have a central feedback system where the they will be able to escalate the issues and solve it without local intervention – thus removing the early barriers of getting feedback from the end users.

The solution was a web portal where complaints and suggestions from end-users / patients will be gathered through SMS system and there will be no delay in getting them. The web app was developed in collaboration with our partner company Durbar Softwares. In their press release they mentioned:

An exciting and effective innovation has been added to the existing service line of MIS of DGHS of Bangladesh. Citizens are now taking part in ensuring accountability of the service providers in health system.

This has been possible through introduction of a SMS-based complaints-suggestions box. In each of about 800 public hospitals, display boards, fixed to walls, describe how to send complaints or suggestions by SMS for improving service. Patients, their relatives and all people visiting the hospitals, if they are not satisfied with the service, they send SMS. These SMS come to a web portal and assigned staffs oversee. The staffs call the senders of the SMS to understand more about the real situation; and then talk to the local authority to implement immediate solutions to the problem. This system ensures accountability of public hospitals.

The difference between the traditional and this new system of suggestions or complaints box is that the suggestions or complaints are seen by the central authority directly, and therefore, corrective measures can be taken with stronger effects.

SMS Feedback Management System Dashboard

Feedback Management System Dashboard

As of now, they have received millions of messages / feedback through this portal and took corrective measures. You can check the live portal from here.


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September , 2015