User-generated Content Social Campaign for ASUS Laptop and Microsite Design

We planned a campaign with ASUS Bangladesh to get more user feedback and user-generated content around ASUS Laptop users. For that, we designed a campaign to get authentic responses from the happy users ASUS have throughout the last two years. This was not an influencer or paid campaign. We wanted to see real responses from real people while making sure other their peers or social connection can learn from their experiences too.

The modality of the campaign

Laptop review user-generated microsite designed for a campaign where users of ASUS laptops can share their experiences on social media groups and submit details on the landing page that we design to be eligible for winning special ASUS merchandise. So, the terms were simple. They will have to post their laptop’s picture and on the caption, users will share their experience of using it for their work or leisure to specific social media groups. After that, they will have to submit the link and screenshots of those social media posts to the microsite. After verifying the users, ASUS will provide a Gaming Headset and other mercs to the selected winners whose review was more authentic and carries significant value. No ASUS or agency employees and partners were allowed to submit reviews to get the actual user-generated content on socials. ASUS encouraged all types of reviews, be it a mixed one or a positive one with the story ASUS users can share.


We made a bilingual site and promoted both Bengali and English Versions to the audience. The admin backend dashboard was designed to update the content and fetching the data users submitted after their reviews on social media.]

Laptop review user generated content campaign Bangla microsite

The social media post is also designed to encourage existing ASUS audiences to post their reviews on social media groups.

Laptop review user generated content campaign Bangla social post



170+ User-generated content – UGC was generated on social media.
75+ successful submissions of the laptop reviews on the microsite.
200,000 social reach from the page campaign.
400,000 Estimated reach through reviews on selected social media groups.
5 Winners with great storytelling and authentic verified reviews.
A TUF Gaming Headset was given to the winners as a token of appreciation.

In the age of paid influencers, user-generated content can make your brand stand out. To do this, you need to carefully plan this campaign to provide the right motivation to the happy users who would share their stories organically. The right process will filter out the seasonal reviewers who would only do this for a gift or giveaways. You will need to make your campaign modality or communication in such a way, so the right type of UGC is generated, be it a positive one or a mixed reaction. Your brand will not only find its happy customers and their stories. But, also feedback from the real users who will show you improvement areas from their perspective. In short, a user-generated campaign is extremely powerful when you do it right.

If you’re looking for an engagement campaign that can build awareness, engage your audience organically like this UGC campaign through digital media – be it in Bangladesh or other countries. Contact us for a consultation.

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