Social Media Micro Campaign for Tolsen Tools Bangladesh

Social Media Campaign for Tolsen Tools

Tolsen is a Chinese professional tools maker who makes power and automotive tools at a bargain price through different Franchisees. We worked with one of the importers of Tolsen Tools in Bangladesh to run traffic and conversion ads to their preferred online store at Daraz.com.bd to generate sales during a collaborative campaign.

We designed carousel ads and ran conversion ads to their storefront. We tracked them through collaboration with their online store which results in 3,772 landing page traffic, 115,993 reach, and 251,802. The approx generated sales were over 600 USD with an ad investment of 59 USD for Tolsen tools.

Tolsen Tools social media campaign Facebook ad

Well, though it was a short micro campaign we ran for them, but it resulted in an appreciated review from the client almost instantly in Google.

Tolsen Tools agency Review

If you would like to run a micro social media campaign for your business. You can avail of it with the starting cost of 9000 BDT / 105 USD including an advertising budget. A micro campaign by HYPE Dhaka is a great way to run a direct-response campaign to boost up your sales and conversation within a short period of time. We focus on copies and design that works for converting your audience to take the desired action. Our expertise in media buyers also ensures the right targeting and filtering of the audience that matches your customer persona, so you get optimum response from the people who show interest in your products.

Our micro campaign is a budget-friendly marketing activity that can help any small business in Bangladesh and beyond to generate results within a short time frame with a specific objective. Contact us today to avail a Social Media Micro Campaign for your business.

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September 2020