Social Media Management for Pizza Factory

Social Media Management for Pizza Factory

Pizza Factory is an online pizza delivery company. They were looking to reinvent their social media presence. With an already sizable social media audience presence, they wanted to both harness the current social media followers engagement and new social media following for them.

Apart from social media growth, they wanted to maximize their number of online order through social media campaign during the offpeak time. It was Ramadan – the month of fasting for Bangladeshi population. We came up with a series of campaign ideas where they can utilize their loyal fan base while focusing on Ramadan & Eid campaign to boost more sales.

We started with their product photography (you can check them from here) and then started making new engaging content (GIF + Campaign Content) for them. You can check more social media content from here.


Social Media Management, Media Buying, Campaign Ideation, Digital Retainer, Website Management, Google Ads.


July 30, 2018