Social Media Marketing for Finder GPS

Finder GPS is the first Vehicle Tracking Service Operator from BTRC and the only enlisted GPS Tracking company for developing local map service by Survey of Bangladesh (SOB). Finder is a product of Monico Technologies Ltd – a leading tech solution provider in Bangladesh with a couple of other brands in their portfolio.

We are helping Finder to provide expert consultation and execution for their social media marketing. Their primary channel for promotion is Facebook and as a Facebook Marketing Partner for Agencies – FMPA in Bangladesh, We went into a long-term agreement with them to provide dynamic support through the marketing management services – brand awareness, subscriber growth, and setting up a retention model.

Finder has a strong presence with 10 years of its inception and a clear market leader in its category in Bangladesh. We are helping them to keep the number one position in Bangladesh while growing their existing customer based beyond Bangladesh.

We are also helping one of their grocery eCommerce to grow their presence with media buying services.

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