OnePlus Flagship Store Launch Campaign- Influencer endorsement

We helped OnePlus to launch a brand-new OnePlus Flagship store.  Our main goal was to create a buzz online through the endorsement by the influencers, launch day footfall, and special launch offering to create an in-store drive to the newly opened OnePlus Flagship Store in Bangladesh.

The objective was to reach out to a wider yet enthusiastic audience, so they find a destination to shop the products by visiting the stores in the future. The campaign revolved around both an online campaign and offline activation during the launch. 

The online campaign included designing a campaign-themed mnemonic, social posting, teaser, ensuring the influencer endorsement, etc whereas the offline launch included the organization of the store launch event.


Core post of the pre-launch period

For the presence, during the launch, we decided to go with Raba khan as an entertainer/ influencer and Sohag Mia as a tech YouTuber.

The video that Raba Khan made during the launch of the OnePlus Flagship Store


Even the organic reach of the offer posts was amazing and the offline launch was successful as well. If you’re looking for an engagement campaign that can build awareness, engage your audience organically through digital media. Contact us for a consultation.