Lead Generation for Almanaar Islamic Store

Facebook Lead Generation Campaign for Almanaar Islamic Store

Almanaar Islamic Store is one of the prominent Muslim store focusing on modest clothing and retail goods in Birmingham, United Kingdom. We helped almanaar to ran a lead generation campaign on Facebook & Instagram to target buyers for upcoming school going materials. Like – School Dress, Books and Stationaries.

The primary target group was parents who already enrolled their kids to the local Islamic Schools and Madrasah. We also wanted to drive the existing customer’s of Almanaar to take the offer. Though primary target was to get lead generation for an specific offer. Almanaar wanted these leads to visit the shop to get the offer on-premises.

After we have handled them over 50 leads, they were able to convert (people who visited store) 35 of them for taking the offer. Resulting in total 3200+ GBP worth of retail sales. The total value of the campaign cost was 200 GBP for Ad Management. Including setting up the campaign, design, ad management, refining the leads, and follow up.

Lead Generation Campaign for Almanaar Islamic Store

Almanaar spent: 200 GBP for the Campaign.
Sold: 3200+ GBP worth of retail goods.

You can check the campaign from here.



Social Media Campaign and Lead Generation Ads


April 15, 2019