Digital Media Management for 3e by NCCIB & DANIDA

Digital Media Management for 3e – Energy Efficiency Engagement

When Nordic Chamber of Commerce and Industries Bangladesh came to us to brief their 3e project, we planned with them for a week to establish a digital media plan for the total 2 years of remaining project duration.

The energy efficiency engagement (3e) project was implmented by the Nordic Chambers of Commerce and Industries in Bangladesh and funded by the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA). The overall aim of this program is to reduce CO2 emission from selected industries and minimize costs related to energy consumption. This will be achieved by investigating the business case for Bangladeshi Companies to implement energy efficiency measures.

To fullfill this aim, we set up own and paid digital media channels for them:

1. A Website with Knowledge Hub
2. Social Media Channels (Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn)
3. Social & Web Contents (Graphical, Video & Text)
4. Yearly Website Tech & Content Management
5. Whitepaper Creation
6. Management of Stakeholders digital information

We were their dedicated digital media partner to create content, distribute, buying media, ads and measure the right metrics for their success throughout the project timeline of two (2) years.

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August 30, 2018