Info-graphic Design for Bangladesh Armed Forces

Design Services for Bangladesh Armed Forces

Bangladesh Army Staff College under Bangladesh Armed Forces contacted us to create multiple inforgraphic for showcasing strategic location and war history.

We consulted with them multiple times as the higher management and officers of The Army Staff College in Bangladesh helped us to understand the full scope. Since, this was an internal work for their showcase, they needed us to do specific research on war history, strategic locations and their details. Since most of the creative elements were not available online for re-share or modification. We also had to create graphical element from the scratch and wrote copy that resnoates with the design. We also had to look into the cultural and political sensitivity while making these designs as they are to be showcased to an international audience on a frequest basis.

Design for Bangladesh Army

Design for Bangladesh Army
After several modification and feedback from the top officials we were able to confirm the design and forward for the print output. The designs are showcased in the Army Staff College ground floor premises and the 7th floor. This was indeed a great experience working with the best and brightest professionals of Bangladesh and providing them content and design services.

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