Web App Design – Accidental Damage Protection for ASUS Customers

We designed a web app for the existing customers of ASUS Laptops in Bangladesh that helps them to get an extended warranty-like feature if the laptop faces any accidental damage. This is a great way of serving existing customers and earning brand loyalty through superior service for the long term.

What is Accidental Damage Protection of ASUS?

Buying a new laptop can be a big investment and sometimes can be a daunting task. Most manufacturers offer standard warranties with their products, but the truth is, most standard warranties don’t cover the things that matter most, like the accidental spill to your keyboard or dropping your laptop from a table. It’s a fact – accidents happen. That’s why ASUS offers one-year free Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) on most laptops* so that when accidents happen, we have you covered.

To automate the process – so it can be tracked and executed properly when ASUS have thousands of channel and retail partner in Bangladesh – we developed a web app for them to submit, see and execute the process without manual intervention. The app may look simple, but it was designed in a way – so a customer should get the ADP service as fast as possible with a hassle-less experience.

ASUS ADP Web App Homepage

If you are an existing ASUS Laptop user with a valid warranty, you can also take this service by visiting the ADP web app portal from here.

Do you like to automate and bring delight to your existing customer through the web or mobile app automation? Let us have a call and understand your current process. We might be able to share no-strings-attached ideas that you can execute through us. Contact us today.

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