Pinterest Marketing in Bangladesh: A 3-Step Pinterest Marketing Strategy

While Pinterest originally was known for being the go-to site for finding recipes and home decor ideas, there is so much more to it than that.

In fact, Pinterest has made a name as a visual search engine, housing tons of photos, graphics, links, and inspiration for nearly anything you might want to find.

This means it’s a goldmine social media platform for businesses with a visual aspect to their business, whether it’s photography or original graphics. In fact, 55% of users are specifically on the platform to find photos of new products and the platform is extremely powerful when it comes to driving website traffic.

Creating a Pinterest strategy that makes sense for your business is the perfect way to get started with this platform. To help, we’ve created an easy 3-step Pinterest marketing strategy – let’s dive in.

Once you are done creating your brand profile on Pinterest you are ready to proceed with the following strategies:

1. Determine your content strategy

What types of content will you be sharing on Pinterest? There are many different types of content that perform well on the platform like product pins, infographics, or blog posts.

Let’s cover a few of the most popular types of pins.

Product pins

pinterest marketing bangladesh - product pins

If your business is a retailer or an online store, you should absolutely be taking stunning product photos and turning them into pins. People love to browse the platform to find new products, whether it’s home decor, clothing, gifts for the family and more.

Pinterest is a major discovery engine for shopping, with 72% of Pinners saying they get inspire to shop even when they weren’t originally looking for anything. Beautiful product photos will help catch audience attention and drive this kind of impromptu inspiration for retail brands.

Blog post graphics

pinterest marketing bangladesh- blog post

Another great pin type is blog post graphics that promote the articles you publish on your website. Make sure these are well-designed vertical graphics that will stand out in someone’s feed, like the above pin.

These should have appealing photos or graphic designs accompanied by bold text that Pinners can easily read as they scroll through their feed.

Infographic pins

pinterest marketing bangladesh- inforgraphic

Another great way to promote your business is through sharing valuable information via infographics. These house data visualizations, graphic organizers and more in order to visually convey data and other content.

Because most infographics tend to be vertical and longform by nature, Pinterest is the perfect platform to promote these.

Lead magnets

Creating beautiful vertical graphics to promote your lead magnets is another solid content strategy on Pinterest. Make sure the design of your lead magnet stands out and entices users to save the pin or click and download your content.

2. Join community boards

Another great Pinterest marketing strategy to help get your content out there is joining and creating community or group boards. Pinterest allows users to invite others to contribute to a board, and it’s the perfect way to get your content in front of brand new audiences.

Search for prominent Pinners in your niche and check to see if they have group boards relevant to your industry.

Many users will include rules or a link to apply to join within that board’s description, so take a look and see what you can find. Usually, you just have to email the owner or fill out a contact form and give their account a follow for them to add you.

Once you join, you’ll want to remain active within those boards, pinning some of your own content, but also curating other content so you’re not only promoting your own business.

3. Focus on Pinterest SEO

Pinterest is essentially a visual search engine, which means it has its own algorithm and its own search engine optimization rules. You need to focus on your Pinterest SEO and implement these rules on your own profile to see your ranking increase.

There are three different places that you need to be focusing on your keyword usage throughout your Pinterest marketing strategy.

Your profile

pinterest marketing - pinterest seo for your profile

There are keywords in both the name and the bio so that the profile appears in search results even when people are just looking up “social media” or “digital marketing.”

You have 65 characters to fill out your Pinterest name and 160 characters to write your bio, and I suggest that you use up as many as you can to naturally include the most popular keywords in your industry.

Your pins

Be sure to include relevant keywords about your pin within both the title and description.

Just like with any type of search engine optimization, you don’t want to simply “keyword stuff,” or fill the description with tons of keywords that aren’t naturally used as part of a sentence or paragraph.

Instead, you want to ensure that your pin title focuses on its main keyword, and that you include that keyword and a couple of other secondary keywords within your pin description so that users and the Pinterest algorithm immediately know what it’s about.

This will help your pin to show up in search results as well as related pins.

Your boards

Finally, you want to be sure that your pin boards have focus keywords in the name instead of cute, fun titles. Although you might love the idea of having some fun with your pin board titles, SEO is important here.

Stick with just “Pinterest Strategies” instead of “Pin, Pin, Pin!” for your next board title.

You also want to add board descriptions that tell users what they can find on the board while also including your main and secondary keywords.

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