Short Guide to Optimize Your Image for the Website


Optimize Your Image

Most of the time when we download a photo from website and directly put it with our blog.

But did we ever think that it may take more space than usual one. If you compress and optimize your image it will save your website storage less than before. Moreover, a big size photo took a long time to load, where an optimized one took less. With this  one website’s loading time will increase.

When its will take a longer time than general, Google can penalize. 

Compress Your Image

Compress Your Image

It’s an important issue to compress, this must not be avoided. If you compress your picture, it will save your space of your website.  Moreover to help to, boost your website speed easily and avoid the penalty from Google.

Website You can use to Optimize Your Image

The most used website to compress is TinyPnG

Compress Your Image

Compress Your Picture

1.Visit the site

2.Upload the photo, You want to compress.

3.Then download the compressed.

4.You can do the same process again and again, until You reached Your need.

Lets try it and let us know. This compression will not down the photo quality, but will decrease the space of photo.

Another important and helpful site is PicResize.
Here You can upload a photo then you can resize according to your choice. It will be a great choice. You can crop a photo also. Moreover, you can resize according to your need. for an example we took a screen shot of the site and its size was 107KB. Then we cropped it and resize it to 50%.

Its look like the below photo now and reduced to 27KB .

Optimize Your Image

Optimize Your Image

Besides this, there are also some other website is available which may help you to compress or optimize your photo.