Facebook Engagement in Bangladesh 2018 Report

facebook engagement

Why do you need to look into this report on Facebook Engagement?

Take a look into the data, insights and benchmark of Facebook engagement in Bangladesh and around the world during mid-2018 to re-invent your Facebook brand strategy.

Use this data to find powerful insight if you’re already investing heavily in creating content, managing your customer or advertising on Facebook as a brand or business.

Your money matters, it matters more when you’re investing it without informed information that results to the continuous loss in revenue.

Even the data says the consumer brand pages are not preferable for the audiences to like in their total lifetime. They are likely to be a celebrity or sports pages.

Facebook Engagement

With only a 6.4% rate of maximum organic reach, your Facebook Pages content update generates, you need to re-think your strategies to reach a new & targeted audience for your brand.

Facebook Engagement

Your Facebook Page Strategy need to change

It is still the best place to promote your brand’s marketing. But putting a hefty size of your budget on growing your Facebook Fanpage may not be a good idea. Investing time, effort and money behind your Facebook “PAGE LIKES” is not going to get you the right return on investment in 2018 and beyond.


What should you change then?

1. You should rather spend your time on reach, traffic and engagement as an objective for your ad to reach your brand to the right audience.
2. You should not post content every day from your page unless you’re a media page. If you’re a brand, if you need to take a varied approach and plan your strategies ahead with a content calendar where it should a mix of your products post, content that relates to your audience but no necessarily promote your product, creative content that pops us, video explainers, curated post and post about trendy topics.
3. You should heavily invest in video, instead of just static post. Facebook’s Slideshow Ad and post option can help you to convert your static post a video where you can utilize storytelling, combine effect, add music to create nice looking video post. Facebook will provide you with a better engagement and reach using video.

If you want to go beyond, you can try the latest features like Instant experience Ads, 3D posts and AR effect to get the maximum attention. But these, special post and ads need special attention and sometimes skill to make them. Contact us if you’re looking to build something like this. You can also take a look into Digital in Bangladesh 2018 report to get more insight like this.