How to Rank #1 in Google: In 9 Steps

Undoubtedly, to rank #1 in Google is a hard nut to crack. Well, is it? No actually, if you know the techniques!

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Okay, enough with bragging. Let’s see the steps that can help you to rank #1 in Google.

#1 step: Actionable Content

If you want to rank #1 in Google by leaving behind the big brands it’s important that you make your content actionable.

Rankbrain (search engine algorithm) measures how Google searchers interact with your site in the search results.

If people like your result, Google gives you a rankings boost. And if not, google drops your ranking. As simple as that.

Now the question is, what makes the searchers interact with your site in the search result? The answer is – ACTIONABLE CONTENT.

Here is how:

When someone searches for something in Google, they don’t want to read someone’s opinion.

Instead, they want tactics that they can use to solve their problem right away.

And if you can give that to them, Google will notice and bump you up a few spots. Yeah, it’s that simple.

And thus, it’s important that your post contains zero bluff and zero filter. Try to be on point.

#2 Step: OPP Formula

It’s a content introduction formula specifically designed to reduce your bounce rate.

So, it’s a fact that the sites with a low bounce rate tend to rank above sites with a high bounce rate.

 So, What’s bounce?

A bounce is when someone visits your site, and then quickly jumps back to the search results. It simply means they didn’t get what they wanted or in short people didn’t like your content.

And if lots of people bounce from your site, it sends a strong message to Google that people don’t like your content.

Thus Google notices and drops your rankings.

So, how to improve your bounce rate?

The answer is OPP Formula.

Here’s how it works:

First, you have the Outcome.

Start your intro off with the OUTCOME that your reader wants.

Readers will be hooked with the Outcome so it’s time for the Proof.

Here’s where you prove that you know what you’re talking about.

Finally, cap you intro off with the Preview.

All you need to do is preview what your content has in store for them

#3 Step: External Links

Let me tell you something, linking to other websites help you to rank in Google. Note this.

So, when you are posting a content don’t forget to link out to other authority sites in your content. External links can be of great help especially when you are going after competitive keywords.

#4 Step: Internal Links

Next, it’s time to create internal links that point to the page that you want to rank.

In other words, add links from OTHER pages on your site to your new post.

Those internal links will send link authority to your post, which can help your Google rankings. But the pages that you are linking should be relevant. That way Google will take it as important content and boom, there you go with a higher rank!

#5 Step: Add Images, Visuals and Other Multimedia

As it is said- first impression matters.

A study conducted by Sheffield University found that people judge content based on design first and they size up the actual written content.

So, if your content is giant and the whole presentation of your content isn’t up to the mark, the google users are going to instantly bounce. Hence, the ranking will be dropped. Thus, it is very important that your content contains images, good graphics work/ design, graphs, infographics, videos in short whatever it takes to make the content look good and interesting.

If you can ensure this, the users are going to stick around.

But the images or whatever it is that you are going to add must be relevant.

#6 Step: CTR-Optimize Your Title Tag

This is known as organic click-through-rate (CTR) which is basically an SEO ranking factor that’s becoming more and more important every day as Google notices how people interact with your content in the search result. If an above-average amount of people clicks on your content from the search result it gives google the message that it’s important content and people like the content.

So if you’re not optimizing your site for CTR, you’re missing out on A LOT of organic traffic. Hence you must optimize the title of your post for the click-through-rate.

#7 Step: Optimize Your Content For Semantic SEO

Needless to say, you need to mention your target keyword a few times in your content.

But remember not just to stuff it, rather mention the keyword to help google understand what your content is about.

And to help your content understand a bit better optimize it for Semantic SEO.

Semantic SEO may sound complicated to you but actually it isn’t.

Semantic SEO simply means that Google now tries to understand the TOPIC of your page, not just individual keywords.

And to take advantage of Semantic SEO, all you need to do is sprinkle related words and phrases into your content.

These related words and phrases help Google understand your content’s topic.

#8 Step: Promote Your Content With the Content Roadshow

If you want to rank in Google today, you need to strategically promote every piece of content that you publish. This is a must for your content to rank.

You can develop a handful of content promotion strategies that work.

One of the best strategies is, you can email your content to the potential audience who are interested in reading your content. This is the key and it works just fine if you want to promote your content to the targeted audience.

You can send a good looking personalized email like this to your targeted audience who are interested in reading your content.

#9 Step: Regularly Update Your Content

Outdated contents not only make your audience get alienated but also leaves a great impact in your SEO ranking. If your content is outdated, it will make the audience bounce back from your content which is really bad for your SEO.

Audience will leave the outdated content of yours and will prefer something which is up-to-date.

And that’s why the best deal is to review your content once in a while and update it accordingly.

Sometimes it can be small changes or updates like replacing broken links, adding new screenshots and rewriting certain sections to make them more current.

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