How to grab customers during long holidays?

Holiday Marketing Ideas Bangladesh

The holidays ( Eid, summer vacation) are a busy time for almost everyone including business owners. Customers get busy buying and business owners in selling or executing holiday campaigns. Undoubtedly it is a great time for business owners to increase their profits if they take the right measures. There are ways to promote your business for the holidays and make the most of the season. In this blog, we will be discussing how to grab customers during long holidays.

Few strategies to grab customer during long holidays

1. Have holiday sales

Flash Sales

A special holiday flash sale is one way you can promote your business for the holidays. Don’t advertise ahead. Use social media to inform people about the sale and send a quick email to your customers.

If you promote different products on different days it can increase traffic on your business. Once you have them in the store they may purchase other items as well which increases revenue for the holidays.

Holiday BOGO Offer

If you have a holiday buy one get one offer no wonder people will be tempted to buy from you. Because consumers are likely to do more shopping on holidays or before any occasion. So, why not make the best use of this? It will increase your sales. 

2. Create a festive/ holiday Atmosphere

Decorate your store for the holiday season. You can keep it simple. As its eid season, you can decorate your store keeping this in mind. It will attract the customers to drop by in your store. 

3. Post About Your Store and sale offers on social media

Customers are likely to spend more time on social media during holidays. So, you should promote your business and your holiday campaign more on social media. Write a post about your upcoming holiday sales and promotions. Include pictures of your store and staff wrapping purchases and doing other holiday activities.

4. Send Promo Emails

Keep your customers informed of special holiday sales and promotions by sending emails to them. Include store pictures, new and sale products, and any after holiday campaign if you’re planning any.

5. Offer Extended Hours

Sometimes it is difficult for your customers to get everything done in a day. Offer extended hours for one or two days per week to give them ample opportunity to shop during the holiday season.

6. Give small gifts

You could promote your business for the holidays by offering extra goodies as an incentive to shop. Give out free samples of a new product or coupons for future purchases. Or small gifts for loyal customers! This will make them feel special.

7. Have after holiday sale/ offer

Runners eid salami offer.
Runner’s Eid Salami offer.

In this eid season, why not plan something like- Eid salami offer? Sounds good? Well, holiday offers are mainstream. Even though you had a holiday sale you should think of planning an after holiday offer or sale. This will make the customers buy their favourite product which they may be missed during the previous offer or sale.

Eid Salami Offer from Pizza Inn

Promote your business for the holidays using these tips and increase the profits for your business for the year. Or need help to plan an after- holiday marketing campaign? You can simply contact us.