Digital in Bangladesh 2021 Report

Why do you need this report?

Digital in Bangladesh 2021 report is the essential Insights about the Internet, Social Media, Mobile & eCommerce use in Bangladesh. The data are represented & re-designed by jmustafa.com & hypedhaka.com. This report is curated for the local Bangladeshi professional, so they can utilize this data to analyze the trend, craft their digital strategy, and make an informed business decision for the year 2021. While Bangladesh is becoming an economic powerhouse, digital transformation is also happening in a rapid way. The insights should help you understand where Bangladesh stands right now, what are the digital growth potential and how much market you can cater to inside Bangladesh in this year of 2021.

You will get similar data like this on this report
Facebook Audience Size in Bangladesh Digital Data 2021
You will get similar data like this on this report

It’s needless to say, without an integrated strategy, you cannot succeed in today’s workplace and your arms to make an informed business decision is data, both at macro-level like this presentation and micro-level like your website’s analytics.

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We had also published the Digital in Bangladesh – 2020 Report last year and the Digital in Bangladesh – 2019 Report in 2019 to help you get all the insights about digital marketing data for Bangladesh in one place. It was packed with similar insights of the Internet, Social Media, Mobile & E-commerce use in Bangladesh. The data were collected from a primary source and multiple secondary sources.

Credit to We are Social & Hootsuite:

This report has been originally collected & compiled by We Are Social Ltd (“We Are Social”) and Hootsuite Inc. (“Hootsuite”) for informational purposes only, and relies on data from a wide variety of sources, including but not limited to public and private companies, market research firms, government agencies, NGOs, and private individuals.


We took the data from their Global Report Presentation and represented it with our own design model (Icons & texts) without changing any data & source. This was done purely to showcase the digital overview of Bangladesh in January 2020 for the country-specific focus. We do not own, manage, or verify any data from the source & provide all credit to the compilators & source companies for the representation.

If you’re looking for more country-specific data, you can go through the Presentation from We are Social Website or you can request us here to give you more data.

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