Will Clubhouse be the next major social media platform for marketers?

Clubhouse is the hot new social app of the moment, sparking buzzy chatter among social influencers and a raft of FOMO-inducing tweets of Clubhouse conversation highlights. The app has been praised for its simplicity, and its capacity to facilitate real community and discussion – but the question for digital marketers is ‘should this platform be on our radar?’

Is there marketing potential within the many rooms of the Clubhouse app in Bangladesh?

What makes Clubhouse unique?

Clubhouse is a conversational platform. To become a Clubhouse user, you need to secure an invitation from an existing member, so there’s an exclusivity factor at play as well.

Once you’re in, you have the chance to join different rooms where people host audio chats. These rooms can be very specific and topic-driven (like a lecture or TEDx talk) or can be more sociable, like an audio cousin to old-school instant messenger groups or online chat rooms.

The app’s convenience and flexibility have been instrumental in its rising popularity.

As a brand, how can you use it to benefit your business in Bangladesh?

Connecting on Clubhouse — for now — means really focusing on personal interaction and on communicating authentically with the people you come into contact with. To build a following on Clubhouse, you need to be prepared to invest time and do the following:

1. Start by giving.

Brands aren’t currently able to create their own profiles on Clubhouse, which means you have less opportunity for direct selling and for advertising your products. However, brands can have individuals represent them, create rooms and organize chats that align with their areas of expertise. This will make a brand more trustworthy to people as well as make people believe that the brand does care about the consumers. This will definitely create brand awareness which will help your brand in the long run.

For example, a brand that sells organic baby food could have a leading nutritionist from their staff host a room focused on healthy meals for families. The brand could further amplify its reach by partnering with an influencer in an adjacent space — a mom whose audience includes other health-conscious parents or a chef influencer who can offer a unique viewpoint regarding flavor or seasonings.

Brands can also make headway on connecting with their audiences by sponsoring rooms or chats set up by leading influencers. This collaboration can give them the chance to speak on a panel in the group, be mentioned, or have a product highlighted by a speaker.

clubhouse marketing Bangladesh

2. Tell stories that resonate.

Clubhouse thrives on conversation. Its engagement isn’t driven by hashtags or gaming algorithms. It’s about telling stories, collaborating, and sharing ideas.

If you’re considering Clubhouse, now is the perfect time to revisit your brand’s message architecture and ensure it’s connecting with and making sense to the right people.

When you have your messaging polished up, use it as a tool to connect rather than to sell. Find a niche where your brand’s experts can serve as thought leaders and boost their influence and visibility on the platform.

3. Network on- and off-platform.

Clubhouse rooms have been one of the social media’s most egalitarian spaces so far, with “regular” people easily able to jump into rooms with famous people ranging from Elon Musk to Oprah Winfrey to Vanilla Ice.

Because Clubhouse has offered its membership as invite-only, the people participating on the site tend to be more serious about creating connections and finding like-minded collaborators. You’re likely to find people who are in similar niches and can partner on services or who may be looking for exactly what your brand provides.

Clubhouse users also have the ability to connect their accounts to Instagram and Twitter. As you build Clubhouse relationships, you can migrate them to a platform where your brand can speak directly, as well as through your thought leaders and influencers.

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What does the future look like for brands and influencers considering Clubhouse?

Audio is trending hot in the social media world, and brands should think strategically about how to be relevant. Clubhouse and Discord, along with mainstream social networks, are creating a new realm of authentic connections through their audio buzz.

Brands, their leading internal experts, and their influencer partners need to be prepared and well-versed on what Clubhouse offers. When the platform rolls out its already-teased influencer partnership functionality and brand partnerships, you’ll want to have established connections and earned credibility as a leader in the space.

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