7 ways to build a great online campaign this Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan is a blessing for mankind. But at the same time, days are really hard this month of every year. This is a part of the earthly struggle we have to go through in order to gain a happier afterlife.

Now how can you make Ramadan a little easier for muslims, achieve some Thawab (reward) and also make your business thrive in between?

Yes, you are right. By executing successful and engaging Ramadan oriented business campaigns!

So what can be some of the best practices for your business campaign this month? Let’s see.

And also there’s going to be some examples for you down there!

Focus on your brand design

Brand designs and visuals are important. They represent the whole business promotion you’re doing. If a Ramadan campaign doesn’t really look like a Ramadan campaign, it isn’t going to get a lot of targeted audience.

A good approach on that can be bringing a visual representation of Ramadan in your campaign advertisements and such. Icons like a mosque, a religious human figure, or even a lean shaped moon can give your campaign the flavor it needs and improve the connection between your brand and customers.

Ramadan Online Campaign Kellogg

Start with Pre-Ramadan teasers

As the holy month of Ramadan gets closer, the muslim world starts to anticipate it. So it’s really effective to attract customer focus towards your brand by starting earlier than the others. A great way to do that can be creating a media teaser on the target campaign even before Ramadan.

Coca-Cola “No labels” campaign

Use all sorts of media networks

Not all sorts of media networks, though. Consider your niche before choosing the media networks that are relevant for your brand. Then you can use the power of the media formats to give your campaign a lift. Take the advantage of social banners, Ramadan tips, infographics and other relevant media utilities in order to reach as many as people you can.

Here’s an example of Ramadan social media campaign made by HYPE Dhaka for Pizza-Factory:

Ramadan Social Campaign Post for Pizza Factory – an online Pizza Delivery service

Consider your business vertical

Every kind of business has its own ups and downs during the month. Take the restaurant business for an example. Their sales rise upwards during the suhoor and the iftar time but it fall down heavily during almost the rest of the day. B2C E-commerce companies generally get a lot less traffic during the first one-third of the month, while the traffic rise upwards during the last one-third.

Surf Excel Ramadan advertisement 2016

Don’t forget about peak consuming hours

Generally Mondays have a lower customer response time and the fact doesn’t really change in the month of Ramadan. That’s why you should avoid any kind of campaign promotion during the day unless it’s strictly related to the specific date. Also try to avoid rush hours, or the time when work hours are ending. Take suhoor and iftar timings in considerations. Keeping a track of local time zones will help you a lot too.

Lipton Pakistan Advertisement

Consider your brand competitors too

Remember the fact that you’re not the only player on the market. There will be a lot of businesses just like yours trying their best to pitch in a successful campaign. So it’s needless to say that you’ll need to flow your creative juices in order to stand out or your campaign will end up being another brick in the wall. You don’t want that to happen, do you? Take lessons from your past experience and your competitors. It’ll help you think out of your own box.

Sales trend over the month of Ramadan
Source: yougov.com/

The Eid-Al-Fitr vibe

Eid-Al-Fitr is all about sharing and celebrating, and which is why, the shopping trend rises up a lot during the last 10–15 days of Ramadan. You can use simple online marketing strategies to raise your sales even more and become a part your your customer’s happiness.

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