5 ways to improve your local marketing strategy

You must have heard of various forms of marketing in this age, but a lot of companies still believe that targeting a specific audience in the vicinity of their location brings the most engagement through the right tactics, if used. This phenomenon is known as ‘local marketing’. Until and unless a company had a good local presence, it cannot reach other areas of interest. Since there are so many methods to try and test today, local marketing can take you one step ahead especially if you are a startup.

1. Improve Local SEO

In order to do local marketing right the first thing that you must begin with is LOCAL SEO. It’s the most important sector to work on.

You need to work on improving the local SEO for your business.

SO, you might want to know what is local SEO and how it will help your business. You got an answer to all your queries.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the practice of optimizing a website in order to increase traffic, leads, and brand awareness from local search. Common tasks associated with local SEO include finding local keywords, optimizing a business’s Google My Business profile.

Why is local SEO important?

Unless your business is entirely online, location probably plays a major role in your business’s success. The people closest to your business locations are the ones most likely to buy products or services. To help these people find you online, you need local SEO optimization as part of your digital marketing effort.

2. Use The Power of Social Media

Once the local engagement is established, make your presence felt online on different platforms. LinkedIn will be a great professional network to connect with like-minded individuals; Facebook can help you, garner followers, through mutuals and Instagram can be your audiovisual presence to guide your brand through exciting campaigns.

3. Exciting Promotions

Use social media to create interesting promotions and contests once in a while so that they can engage with your brand. With one engagement, three others come in and the popularity of your services can spread just like that.

So, you gotta make the best use of social media to keep your customers engaged.

4. Partnership with other Local Businesses

After creating a firm presence online and offline, try and connect with local businesses in and around your city. The more contacts you establish, the easier it will be for you to get leads on how to improvise or get a helping hand to execute your ideas as well.

Forming an alliance with another local small business can offer you tons of exposure to new customers. Team up with a business that is likely to interact regularly with your target customers. For example, offer specials or discounts to one another’s customers as part of a co-marketing strategy. Post fliers promoting each other’s business in your respective storefronts. Set up a referral program where partners receive a kickback every time they refer a customer to you, and vice versa. You might even consider doing a list swap in which you exchange your marketing lists.

Some businesses go as far as co-hosting a joint event or running a joint promotion. For example, a local bed and breakfast could team up with a restaurant to offer a special Valentine’s Day package.

5. Share Your Knowledge With the Media

Local blogs, newspapers, and TV and radio stations are often looking for good content to share with people. Be a go-to source for media outlets. Reach out and let them know that you are available for interviews and to share advice with their readers. For example, if you run a computer repair shop, offer the local paper a free article on “10 Tips to Speed Up Your Computer.” People are likely to share that kind of valuable content with their readers, listeners, or viewers, and when you provide really good content, you position yourself as a knowledgeable expert that people can trust.

6. Use Google My Business

Google My Business HYPE Dhaka Local Marketing Example
HYPE Dhaka’s Google My Business Profile on Search Engine

Google My Business is a free tool that helps you to showcase your business details, map location, review, description, product, and service details along with your contacts. It can also help you to post a regular business update just like Social Media Posts but on Google Search Engine. You can even make a website using this tool with the help of its pre-selected templates. Google My Business can provide a good boost to your local SEO too, as it’s the tool promoted by Google.

It also has a handy mobile app too. See, how we managed to reply to our reviewers on Google using Google My Business mobile app.

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