5 Online Marketing Ideas for Shoe Retailers

Today’s consumers have a myriad of choices at their fingertips and more access to information than ever before. In just minutes, they can check online reviews or even write some, making the shoe market an increasingly competitive one. Most importantly, clients are powerful enough to either force a store into bankruptcy — which has been happening at a record pace over the last few months in Bangladesh — or to grow it into a shoe giant. Which strategies, then, should shoe retailers use to stay competitive and please their customers?

Let’s see these 5 ideas that are going to work FOR SURE. And I have added a bonus point in the end. So, VOILA!

#1 Countdown Web layer During Sales

Countdown Weblayer During Sales shoe retailer

Creating a sense of urgency works wonders in a fashion e-commerce and that goes twice for shoe retailers.

How does it work?

By adding a countdown until the end of a discount on the product page, you will be able to increase conversions from product_page to purchase reaching up to 80% approx.

We are positive that by further experimentation with this feature on various target segments, marketers could reach an even higher increase.

#2 Market to your customer database

Don’t forget to advertise to those who have already bought from you. Keep track of your current customers and ask them to buy from you again and again.

As the shoe- market kind of works on the loyal customer base, it is very important that you focus on building a strong relationship with the customers. As while buying a pair of a shoe, a customer seeks comfort plus quality both. So, if you can ensure these two along with the good and trendy designs no doubt your customers are going to come back to you.

You can offer special discounts for the regular customers as well.

You see, you have to give them a good reason to come back and shop again.

#3 Record videos and post them online 

It’s easy to create videos using modern technology such as flip cameras. Why not set up a video blog (vlog) where you and your staff can share fashion tips, show off your latest stock, and tell your customers about your upcoming special events.

You can post the videos on social media so that the customer gets a clear idea bout the products.

la mode BD shoe retailer
La Mode (Bangladesh) showing their collection in a video.

#4 Targeted Newsletters Based on Shoe Size

Targeted Newsletters Based on Shoe Size

What makes customers in online shoe retail feeling blue? It’s when they’ve found a product of their dreams, but the size doesn’t fit. We’ve set out to remedy that.

Also, I often see posts from customers about how they never get shoes in their size. Especially sizes like 40, 42 are pretty tough to find in Bangladesh.

So, you can conduct a survey of the customers who shops regularly from you, to know the size that they usually buy and thus send targeted newsletters which will increase the sale for SURE.

#5 Create Meaningful Content That Reflects Your Brand

The importance of creating engaging content for customers is often underlooked. However, by making the experience more meaningful, merchants can achieve better ROI.

Creating a community on social media makes the shopping experience even more agreeable. Including interactive links to your e-commerce platform can also increase your visibility online. Customers can be inspired by dynamic images of others modeling the shoes they wish to buy. In fact, invest a little on influencer marketing because well, THAT’S A THING NOW. And people tend to believe the influencers which later helps with Words of Mouth marketing as well.

Pro tip: You can launch a new collection collaborating with another renowned brand or designer because usually, people tend to get more hyped in case of such collection.

Bariq shoe retailer Bangladesh

It is also vital for footwear retailers to invest in e-commerce platforms that are equipped with integrated SEO, as they help maximize site visits.


Customers often get confused as to what kind of outfit can be worn with the shoe.

So, you can simply provide a easy solution to this problem. How? Let’s see.

  • Try to provide a small description with every pair as to what kind of outfit can be worn with the particular shoe.
Photo taken from Google just to give an idea.
  • You can also provide an option (visual) on the website for the customers to see what a particular type of shoes is going to look like with different kinds of outfits. So, that they can decide before buying.
shoe retailer
Source: Google

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