5 Online Marketing Ideas for Cold Drinks

Marketing idea for cold drinks Bangladesh

Undoubtedly, the recent Ronaldo issue has spiced things up for the cold drinks market. And CocaCola Bangladesh seems to take the issue very seriously as they were seen collaborating with renowned food bloggers to promote their brand in a more subtle way. However, it is true that no matter what we do love beverages/ cold drinks and we can’t really resist having it every once in a while if not every day. No?

Anyways, looking at an immeasurable demand for cold drinks, here are 5 online marketing ideas that will help your cold drinks business thrive. 

1. Create Interesting Contents for Social Media and Increase Brand Visibility

You must increase your brand visibility online if you want to survive in this situation and market your brand online.

Cold drinks marketing Bangladesh

Creating interesting social media content and posting them regularly is the key to keep your customers engaged. If you look at the top cold drinks companies you will notice that they are pretty active on social media.

2. Sponsor Social Media Lives

Due to this coronavirus situation, you must plan your campaigns differently. As recently lots of celebrities are coming on live to keep the connection with their audience and to build a strong bond, you can just sponsor such social media lives to promote your soft drinks brand.

3. Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing is a rising strategy that utilizes key leaders to drive your brand’s message. An average of 70% of people trusts brand or product recommendations from someone they trust, according to Mashable.

PepsiCo. Inspires Influencers With Hashtags

Cold drinks marketing Bangladesh

Here is a good example of PepsiCo. The company introduced the #SayItWithPepsi campaign to encourage millennials to purchase Pepsi. By incorporating highly influential creators and asking them to share content featuring the redesigned beverage – Pepsi gained over 46 million impressions that would have cost them 5x as much without the use of influencer marketing, according to Shorty Awards.

After the recent Ronaldo issue with Coca-Cola, the brand seems to become more active on social media and collaborating with influencers to market their product.

Especially Coca-Cola Bangladesh was seen to collaborate with renowned food bloggers.

These bloggers promoted CocaCola in a very subtle and natural way in their food review blogs and later CocaCola was seen to repost the videos from their page.

4. Social Media Contests to Engage Customers

How can you come up with a fast and surefire way to generate huge audience engagement on social media?

Put together a social media contest or giveaway!

There’s not much that compares to the excitement customers get when winning something, and it can be a great way for your brand to stand out from the crowd.

And as due to this lock-down situation everyone is getting plenty of time to spend on social media, no wonder it’s going to get a huge response from the customers.

5. Blog From A Reputed Writer

To make a good advertisement in a renowned online news portal or so, a well-reputed blogger may be engaged for preparation a good blog with attractive photographs of your products having communication information, etc. These blogs to be published in newspapers in a suitable interval to attract the customer.