3 Unique New Year Marketing Ideas to Start 2021

new year 2021 marketing idea

2020 has been one hell of a ride and I think EVERYONE will agree to this. Finally, it’s time to bid goodbye to a year which was tough for people, business in short, for life.

new year 2021 marketing ideas

So, let’s take a moment to appreciate all we’ve been through together.

3 Marketing Ideas to Ring in the New Year

1. Send a New Year Email with a twist

When it comes to New Year’s marketing ideas, there is nothing easier than sending an email. There’s no better way to ring in the New Year than by wishing happiness to the people you care about.

For a business, these people are your customers. You need to show them that you care through your New Year’s greetings.

So, how do you stand apart from the rest?

By sending customers an email before the New Year instead.

If you want to stand apart from the rest, you can even send an email before the New Year instead. There are greater chances of it being noticed as people’s inboxes are usually flooded with emails on New Year’s Day.

It’ll also make consumers feel that your brand prioritizes them and cares about them. This way, you can use email marketing to your advantage.

Leverage email marketing tools to create professional-looking new year emails. Personalize each of the emails by adding your target audience contact details and dynamic content specific to each recipient.

Your contacts get so many new year emails. By personalizing, you stand out and create authentic interactions with your audience.

Want to sweeten the deal?

Add a discount code or include an offer in your email. You could also organize a giveaway contest for a select few, loyal customers.

Make sure they know that you’re doing this exclusively for them so that they feel special. This can help increase your brand loyalty.

For example, J.Crew sends out offers in emails for New Year’s Day. Combining the offer and the occasion works well for them.

J.Crew New Year Marketing Ideas

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2. Inspiring Quotes Contest

People often consider the new year a time to refresh, restart, and get motivated. Especially after a year like 2020, it becomes more relevant and important.

Tell customers that you’re holding a contest in which you’d like them to share their favorite quotes, ones that inspire them the most and helped them to go through 2020.

And considering the fact that everyone has struggled in some way or another, you can make them feel the positive energy and help them to feel motivated and make a fresh start through this campaign.

Host a contest on social media that asks customers to share that quote, whether it be on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Get fans involved by asking them to vote (Like or heart) their favorite quotes, and use that as a measure for choosing winners. It’s a fun way to get your social audience engaged. Here’s an example:

Instagram Quote: marketing idea new year

Choose the top 5 most popular quotes based on Likes, shares, and/or reactions, and share each quote on all of your social channels. Also, offer cool prizes for the winners, like an in-store gift card. Then, compile as many of the quotes you enjoyed as possible into a blog post or social post and share the entire collection with your audience – People will refer back to it over and over again.

3. New Year, New Product Promotion

The New Year is a great time to encourage customers to try something new. Whether our business has a new product coming out in 2021, or you just want to promote a staple product, you can do both with this promotion.

Just use the tagline, “New Year, New [Name of Product or Service]. For instance, a hair salon could say, “New Year, New Look” and offer a discount on a new cut and color. A coffee shop could introduce customers to a new blend that’s coming out with a “New Year, New Coffee” promotion. The promotion should explain the new blend and offer a deal on a customer’s first purchase.

If your business offers services, you might consider offering a new bundle of services. For instance, a spa might add manicures or pedicures to its main offerings. The promotion could read, “New Year, New Service” and explain what customers get out of the new package.

Send the promotion via text and/or email. Reebok ran a “New Year, New Gear” promotion via email, promoting must-have workout gear in 2017.

reebok new year marketing idea

Ready to Get More Traction?

New Year’s Day may seem like the end of the previous year and the end of the holiday season. However, with effective New Year marketing ideas and strategies, you can make the most of this occasion.

Launching promotions, contests, new products, and New Year’s greetings can go a long way to build your brand’s image and boost sales.

Which New Year marketing ideas have you implemented in the past? Let us know if you need any help with your new year’s marketing campaign.