Youtube Marketing Starter Guide for Bangladeshi Brands

If you wonder what makes video marketing important, you should be aware that according to statistics, 92% of B2B prospects consistently watch videos online and Youtube offers over 4 billion views per day. We’ll talk about YouTube today. 

We have seen a huge surge of audience engagement on Youtube organically in Bangladesh for the last couple of years and it seems the engagement quality is more there than Facebook. People are spending more watch time over there where Facebook and Instagram are dominating on a shorter span of video content. It’s a great time for any Bangladeshi brand to move into the Youtube Bandwagon. But, how do you start your journey on youtube? We will explain today.

Not only is your audience available on YouTube, but also you can boost your SEO and product visibility too. As it is the largest search engine on the Internet. YouTube gives advertisers unique content that is easy for users to share and consume.

Marketing YouTube can be an intimidating tool for brands who are just planning to start. This is why we are writing this starter guide for YouTube pros and beginners. Below are some steps of YouTube marketing — from how a YouTube channel is created to videos for SEO, how a YouTube publicity campaign is run and how video analysis is interpreted.

The good news is that in YouTube advertising you do not need to flood thousands of dollars. You will get the attention you need to lead customer access via YouTube if you create a good channel that constantly distributes quality content.

Start with a New Channel

A great layout is the first step to YouTube marketing. You need to know what your purpose is and what kind of videos you have when people come to your channel. You may not want to link your email to the YouTube channel of your company depending on your business — particularly if you have access to the account with team members or an agency partner. I suggest you create a common email account that multiple people from your business can use.

Your value proposition and color scheme should be simple. If you own a website, be sure that your channel color matches your website. 

Create Regular Content

A regular update of the content of your channel helps to keep your feeds active and increases your presence on YouTube. You should try to achieve at least a weekly video.  Adding to that, the right amount of content depends on your audience, your goals, and of course your business goal.

Write Catchy Titles

Titles catch the attention of a viewer in the first place. Here I’m putting some suggestions that might help:

  • Consider how YouTube ranks search engine videos.
  • Use search suggestions. 
  • Count video title characters.
  • Use the word “video” in video titles.
  • Be descriptive.


Put some effort into this part. Choosing a suitable thumbnail for your YouTube video is as important as creating a great title. YouTube will automatically generate a few thumbnail options for your video, but I strongly recommend that you upload a custom thumbnail. Now let’s go through some of the crazy hacks that marketers are using on their thumbnails these days:

  • An Expressive Headshot
  • Big-Bold text
  • Adding a sticker effect to the main subject
  • Contrasting colored overlays for highlighting text
  • Use Arrows and Circles
  • Add your logo to Boost Brand Awareness

NB:  You must verify your YouTube account to upload a custom thumbnail image. You can do this by visiting and entering the verification code YouTube sends you.


YouTube will only display the definition of your video for the first two or three lines (about 100 characters). To read beyond that, to see the rest, viewers will have to press “View more.” That’s why at the beginning of your description, always include important links or CTAs and write a good copy so that it drives views and engagement.


The next thing to do is to highlight your keywords in tags. Tags connect your video to similar videos that extend its reach. First, tag your keywords when tagging videos and try to include a good mix of more common keywords and long-tail keywords.


Categorize your video properly. Here’s a video for your better understanding:


With annotations, you can layer text, links, and hotspots through your video to add additional data, interactivity, and engagement to the video experience. Be vigilant when using annotations as too many may turn off viewers and increasing the average watch-time. Here are a few ways to use them:

  • Navigate (i.e., next/previous episode, go to channel).
  • Subscribe to the YouTube channel.
  • Link to other YouTube videos, playlists, channels, or full versions of shorter clips.
  • Encourage viewers to “like” or comment on the video.

We will cover more about youtube marketing and channel management on our next blog. Stay tuned and subscribe to your blog by filling up the form below.

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