Write Your Copies Like a Pro

Ever heard of Dan Kennedy? Brian Clark? Or David Ogilvy? Well, they’re the top 3 copywriters of recent time according to Quora. They earn a lot more than you think a copywriter can.
Who doesn’t want to master something like a pro? Here are 5 secrets to be a pro copywriter:

The Slippery Slide:

You can get the best copy in the world. But if after the first sentence the reader stops reading, your copy failed. Therefore, your copy’s number 1 goal is to keep people reading.
All you want is to give them a slippery slide.

AIDA Formula:

This is the acronym of Dukesmith’s four steps. Here, AIDA stands for:


Grab your reader’s interest with a compelling headline. Once you get the attention, you need to keep their interest. Better generate a desire for your product or service, and ultimately convince them to take action.
There are 3 ways to capture your visitor’s attention:

  • With a headline
  • Create a video
  • Attach a hero image


Keep in mind that most visitors have short spans of attention. So, you need to keep them interested. Make sure that you’re writing for the scanners and the scrollers. For example, what do we do when we first arrive on any website? We decide if we want to stay there past the first five seconds. It’s important that you’ve written your copy and formatted the page to appeal to people who scan and scroll the page.
There are three strategies in your copy to make it desirable:
Show the benefits of your products.
Explain how your product can alter your life or how it can fix your issues.
Show the outcomes obtained by other individuals.


Capture stuff with an action call that pushes the reader down to scroll. Usually, it’s a bright colored button with a copy oriented to some action that will get customers to click on it. You may have a subheading and a paragraph discussing all the reasons why they need this action.

Benefits over Features:

Well, there’s no doubt that features are important but- benefits sell. Features are pretty boring. Whereas benefit answers the question “What’s in it for me?” meaning the feature provides the customer with something of value to them.

Social Proof:

When someone decides whether or not to purchase what you sell, social proof is necessary. This is why expert copywriters, pack their copy with figures and testimonials.
You need social proof to sell. But you need sales to get social proof. It’s a never-ending paradox.
Feature your strongest form of social proof.
Suppose you’ve launched a software product. But only a handful of people upgraded to a paid plan.

Now, show off how many people signed up for your free trial. That’s a good proof. If they’re giving a review, attach that too.

Make a Copy Visually Appealing:

One of the significant copywriting regulations is to “create it attractive to look at”-because if the ad didn’t invite and impress the eye, nobody would read it.

The same is true in this case, with online content flooding, attention spans shrinking, and readers skimming. It won’t be read or shared if your content doesn’t have what it calls “eye appeal.”
Tips you can use to make a visually appealing copy:

A good type font that’s easy on the eyes and big enough to read

  • Short paragraphs
  • Variety in the text, e.g. bolding, italicizing, underlining
  • Bulleted or numbered lists
  • Indented paragraphs or quotes
  • Headings and subheadings
  • Visual cues, i.e. arrows pointing at the form button