What It Takes to Go Viral?

What catches our attention, does not always cross our mind. In 2019, 86% of the content available online are videos. Worldwide 7 out of 10 marketing professionals are making video contents to gear up their SEO.

In Bangladesh, with the rise of a number of agencies for over a decade now, every company is focusing on video content as well. Even though currently, companies are also getting their in-house agency.

Nowadays, most marketers put more emphasis on how they can enhance the scope of the content. More views mean more reach and more customers. Well, this convention may be true, but it will only boast if a marketer optimizes videos for people before optimizing them for algorithms. The most significant determinant of whether your audience should act is resonance, and the most significant determinant of whether your video will resonate with your audience is your video creativity. So, even if your video reaches thousands and millions of people, it won’t persuade anyone to take any action you prefer unless you can engage them with the whole thing. 

Here are some tips for crafting your videos that resonate with people and their mind:

  1. It’s always more appealing when you tell your audience a story.
  2. Create a stimulating title.
  3. Evoke positive emotion.
  4. Make it mobile-friendly.
  5. Take care of SEO
  6. Most importantly make your video sticky.

Today we’ll know how to make your videos sticky:

Brothers Chip and Dan Heath mentioned a model for making thoughts “sticky” or, in other words, digestible, memorable and compelling in their book. The Heath Brothers noticed that a “sticky” idea usually follows six principles:

Simple: its core message must be easy to grasp.

Unexpected: it should break cliche and evoke enough curiosity to grab someone’s attention and hold it.

Concrete: it should be vividly painted in people’s minds.

Credible: it should be supported by evidence.

Emotional: it should have a purpose and relate to people.

Story-driven: it should tell a story that inspires people to act.

Lots of videos, but very less is remembered. Be it TVC, OVC, music video any video may go viral. Here are a few examples of Bangladeshi viral contents:


“Made to stick” elements: Simple, Unexpected

This video is a mash-up song containing all the viral incidents and videos throughout the year 2018. If you start watching this one, within the first 30 seconds, you’ll have an idea what this video is all about. This couldn’t get any simpler, right? Random comedic acts make it quite unexpected and funny at the same time.


“Made to stick” elements: Simple, Emotional, Concrete.

This TVC is a sequel of a very popular old Berger TVC. It touched everyone’s heart and go viral because of its homely warmth. Despite airtime of a minute and 25 seconds, this TVC has a pretty simple message that promotes longevity of Berger Paints. Starting from a newly wedded couples home decor plan to their anniversary gives it a positive emotional flavour. By including clever details, they can sear their video’s message into your memory and prompt you to buy their products. That makes this video a concrete one.


“Made to stick” elements: Simple, Emotional, Story-Driven.

The video that created a mixed reaction among moviegoers. People talked about both good and bad about it. And, that’s the point of being viral. Be it good, be it bad it has to reach your palms, your cellphones. Because no marketing is bad marketing. This OVC is pretty simple and it clearly shows the promotion part of the upcoming Deadpool movie. With a comedic touch, the OVC resonated with viewers through humour. There’s a story that tells us Deadpool is in town so you might wanna show up in Cineplex.