Top Copywriting Formulas for Your Business

Why do you trot out a formula for copy-writing whenever you need a convincing copy? We believe that finding a great formula that works for you—whether it’s a storytelling formula, a headline formula, or any other—can be a big-time productivity boost.

And this blog contains some proven copy-writing formulas that you can use to write better emails, blog posts, and sales letters.

Make a before-after bridge:

Before – Here’s your environment.

After – Imagine what it’d be like, having a problem solved.

Bridge – Here’s how to get there.

This is our present go-to formula for Buffer blog. Describe an issue, describe an environment where there is no such issue, then explain how to get there. It’s a super easy setup and can work with blog posts, social media updates, emails and anywhere else you write.

The 4 C’s of Copywriting:

  • Clear
  • Concise
  • Compelling
  • Credible

This is one of my favorite formulas as it reminds me to remain focused on the copy’s objectives and the reader’s advantages. Keep it clean, keep it concise, discover a compelling angle from which to write.

Now, breaking it down to some specific fields where you set your strategies:

Copywriting Formulas for Blog Post:

Specific Headlines:

Let the reader know exactly what they will learn. More specific = click more.

Short Intro:

Finish it within 6-7lines. Your intro should demonstrate that you can full fill the pledge of the headline. And show what they’re going to learn.

Practical and Actionable Tips:

Pack your post with actionable tips, methods, and strategies that they can use immediately. Easy-to-follow and efficient tips.

Call to Action conclusion:

Ask your reader to leave a comment, subscribe to your newsletter, or put a button for further experience.

Copywriting Formulas for Email Newsletters

Short Subject Line:

Your subject line should describe the content of your newsletter without giving away the farm. Keep it short, specific. Don’t lose the mystery of your content.

Attention-Grabbing Lead:

The first line of your newsletter can hook your reader right away. But you need to know how to grab their attention. Adding to that, this line also shows up as a preview in Gmail. So it better be good.


Use colloquial language or at-least sound less formal. These newsletters should sound like they’re from a friend. Better if you can share your lessons and tips in the form of a story.

Use a P.S. :

Most people can’t resist reading a P.S. Cap off the newsletter with a P.S. That’s the summary of your CTA and offers.

Copywriting Formulas for Sales Letter:

A Bold Headline:

Capture the attention of your reader with a bold headline. Your headline should quote one insane specific benefit from your product.

Powerful Lead:

Grab the attention of your reader with a bold headline. Your headline should quote one insanely specific benefit from your product.


The headline and lead checked off the “Attention and Interest.” from AIDA Formula. The center of your sales letter should generate your customer’s desires. And encourage them to take action.

Risk Reversal Lines:

“Warranty for 60 days.” “Don’t ask any questions.” “Cancel anytime”. “Get a free trial now. Decide later.” Craft your sales letter with risk reversals.

You can find more copywriting formulas from the Copyblogger site as well!

Use these techniques in your business copywriting and generate results faster! Contact us if you’re looking for a professional business copywriting service in Bangladesh.

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