6 Tips to Increase Facebook News Feed Visibility for Your Brand Page

Facebook started its journey in 2014. Since then it has had its ups and downs when it comes to marketing. It was the first social media platform to launch ads and has since become a benchmark for how ad algorithms are run by other social sites. 

Although there were some debates and controversies, you can’t deny its importance in marketing these days. Facebook is still a powerhouse for growing your social reach even with the changed algorithm.

New Facebook Algorithm

The new Facebook algorithm is a process that ranks all available posts that display on the News Feed of a user based on their reactions. The ranking and content algorithm for Facebook News Feed is based on these four factors:

  1. The Inventory of all posts available to display.
  2. Signals that tell Facebook what each post is.
  3. Predictions on how you will react to each post.
  4. A Final Score assigned to the content based on all factors considered.

Why Facebook is still a powerful marketing tool

If you compare it out there with any other social platform, Facebook is still the biggest. It now has more than 2.1 billion monthly active users and more than 1 billion active daily users. And within the span of 15 years, they grew to this size. And 93% of marketers admit that they regularly use Facebook advertising. This represents approximately 3 million businesses that strictly use Facebook for marketing.


1. Post regularly

Posting at least once a day increases the community’s possibility of being seen. If this seems very difficult to come up with new content every day,  post on every 2 days. Focus on any event and make plans on that. 

2. Comment on other Pages as your Page

This is a great way to increase your exposure. For example, if you are a local business, comment on other local business Pages. People will get to know about you from the comment section and possibly connect with yours.

3. Use images

Images catch attention like anything. The image takes up more space in the News Feed and more likes, reviews, and shares can spark an interesting image. More people have a chance to know about your product when more people engage with your content.

4. Boost Posts

Boosting your Facebook posts is not that expensive. Plan on spending a little every month to promote your posts into the community’s News Feed.

  • A Boost Post is created right from your Timeline and can target either your fans and their friends or an audience that you choose with up to 10 targeted keywords.
  • A Promoted Post is created from the Ads Manager and has more targeting options such as targeting only your fans, or an audience you choose with more targeted keywords.
  • For boosting, you can take help from the above-mentioned agencies in Bangladesh.
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5. Use hashtags

Hashtags are very effective in social media. When you use hashtags (keywords with the “#” symbol attached to your message, such as #hype), you have the chance to be seen by more people searching on Facebook with that hashtag.

6. Use Facebook contests or giveaway:

A contest or giveaway is a fun way to get extra engagement on your page. People like to win it. They may even share your contest with their friends, which enhances your exposure. Mentioning people on your posts increase your reach. In Bangladesh, millennials are very likely to participate in these contests. Be it make-up kit giveaway, free food contest or selfie contest, they’ll participate.

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