How to do a Safety Check before Visiting a Website

Safe Check

Why Link Safety is Important

Most of the cyber crimes are happening through the spam link. So, before clicking any random website or link we have to be sure whether the link is safe or not.

Especially, we have to be careful with that link, which is totally new for us, or if it looks something wrong.

For this issue, we should check the link, if it is safe or not.
To check the link, there is some separate website, which helps us in this case. 

1.  Google Transparency Report: 

The most popular site safety checker is the Google Transparency Report.

Now we will go through how we can check the Google Transparency Report.

    1. Visit the site
    2. Type the link and press the search button
    3. It will show, that the site link is safe or not.

This site is going to be used mostly in 2019. It will protect your own site, laptop or any other devices from being attacked by spammers.

Safe Check

Google Transparency report (p1)

Safe Check

Google Transparency report (p2)URL VOID


Another important and used site checker id is URLVOID

Like the previous one you just have put the site link. Though it is less popular than Google Transparency Report. But you will get an overview of the full site. You will get a full report, we shared a small part of the full report. 

Safe Check

Hypedhaka com Safe Check it Now URLVoid

Safe Check is most important for the safety of one’s site.  So, before clicking any random site, please do a Safe Check whether the site is safe or a trap.

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