Write for Us – We are accepting marketing guest posts

Though we have been writing blogs, articles, and scripts by our in-house team. But, we believe, our audience deserves more diverse and expert opinions from the marketing community in Bangladesh. If you’re a marketing professional, academician, or aspiring student, we are accepting guest posts from you about your unique perception and mindset about Bangladeshi brands and market situations. You can also share ideas, tools, and techniques that you found useful in your practice as well.

Write for us - Guest Posts

We are accepting topics related to

  • Digital Marketing,
  • SEO,
  • Web for Business Growth,
  • Online Advertising,
  • Social Media Marketing,
  • Content Marketing,
  • Online PR & Influencer Management etc.

We are looking for writers who can share great articles with us that our audience would love to read. Reminding you, that our audience includes, entry to top-level marketing professionals from Bangladesh & APAC, CEO, CMO, Founders, VC, Business Owners, Sales professionals, marketing students. When you’re writing you can keep these audience profiles on your mind.

Guidelines for the guest post

  • Easy to understand language, write like you’re talking to a person. Use the Hemingway app if needed.
  • Check for spelling and grammatical errors. Use Grammarly if needed.
  • You can take inspiration, but all articles should be original. We’ll do a background check for this.
  • Articles should have more than 1000 words that include relevant links.
  • Only one do-follow link is allowed, we will also link to your professional profile as an author. Inform us which link you want us to promote.
  • Write in small paragraphs, with spaces and bullet points.
  • Articles should have relevant pictures and they must be free to use (at least 2). Try Unsplash, Pexels.
  • If you have basic Ideas about SEO, maintain Title tags, links correctly. (Skip if you have no idea)
  • HYPE Dhaka team reserves to alter the content to proofread and meet SEO requirements.

What’s in it for you?

  • Showing your thought-leadership through your articles.
  • HYPE Dhaka blog ranks higher on local SEO for business keywords, your article will get organic traction to the audience who are looking for the type of content you wrote.
  • Your article will be shared within the rich-email marketing list consisting of CEO, Exec. Directors, CMO’s, Head of Marketing & Sales, Manager to Execs, Small to Medium Business Owners, and aspiring marketing professionals.
  • We will also share the content to our social media profiles and will update it on a quarterly basis to keep it relevant.
  • You can promote your own initiative (through a guest do-follow link) and your own profile (LinkedIn) on the author bio.
  • For selected blogs, those are in-depth and relevant. We will spend some ad money to promote them to a wider audience.


We want to provide helpful and insightful information to our audience with real examples. If the content is overly promotional, we may not accept it or after accepting it, we may put it down. HYPE Dhaka reserves all the authority to modify or remove the content based on our internal content plan. Time-focused content (month, year-focused) will be modified by a co-author and we will add more information as time progresses. Even if your blog topic has all the checkbox filled, if the content doesn’t have a good weight or genuinely helpful information, we may not accept it. Plagiarism and copying other blogs and quoting something without the reference will also be penalized.

How to Start

Go through the guidelines and send your article, blog to hello@hypedhaka.com. We will reply within a week after our editorial team’s feedback and we’ll inform you about the posting date/ schedule.

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