Free Design & Advertising Service for Coronavirus Awareness

If you are a business and looking to build awareness among your employees, customers and general people regarding Corvid-19. We would like to provide a FREE design (Social media, print, digital) & Ad Management (Online, Search, Social Media) for #coronavirus related content only.

  • 10 businesses will get this free design service.
  • 2 businesses will get advanced media buying (ad creation & management) service.

We will only work on the contents which include general awareness endorsed by WHO & authorized parties and since it’s a part of a CSR content, I would request participating businesses to keep their brand visibility minimum.

We are providing local donations through funds. But, while seeing many businesses are also contributing to their products or service, I thought – why not us. Let it be our way of giving back to society.

You can take a look into some of our designs from here: www.behance.net/hypedhaka


  • Only coronavirus related awareness is applicable with minimum branding for the companies. Remember we are doing it for the awareness purpose only.
  • No other sales-related offer will be promoted in the design or the copy.
  • The information we will promote should come from an authorized source, not something that is just roaming on social media as trendy yet not proved true.
  • The creative feedback on designs is appreciated but will be entertained for a maximum of two times.
  • The ad management service comes as free, no ad budget. All ad budget should be disbursed advanced to take this offer.
  • We have full-authority, who to choose for this campaign.
  • HYPE Dhaka reserved the right to change, alter and end this campaign based on the management’s decision.
  • an NDA needs to signed by both parties to comply with the internal and external regulations.

Alternatively, you can also contact us: +8801971083058 during the business hour for any query about this campaign. (We are working remotely).