HYPE Dhaka is selected as Facebook Marketing Partner for Agencies in Bangladesh

Though we have been working closely with Facebook’s suite of App and services and catering our client’s with the execution of their marketing services using Facebook’s content studio, analytics, insights, and ads platform.

Now, we are delighted to share that after applying from our side, Facebook selected us as one of their marketing partner for agencies from the Bangladesh region. We have received an email from them about it.

Facebook Marketing Partner for Agency Bangladesh

They are offering some benefits that we can use to cater our clients in a better way through our Facebook Business Manager account.

Facebook Marketing Partner for Agency Bangladesh

Now we can cater customized reports, recommend our client’s on special optimization suggestions for their ads and content along with additional support for marketing.

Check out our public profile from Facebook Business from here.

If you’re looking for Facebook Marketing Services in Bangladesh from a supporting agency like ours – do knock us!