Facebook is Introducing 3 New Interactive Ad Format for All Advertisers

Yes, you heard it right, interactive ad format. Facebook management acknowledged that interactive ads are nothing new. But, this new functionality within Facebook App will give more power to the brands and advertisers. They will be able to run a super engaging advertisement to their audience and users without relying on the external micro-sites or landing pages.

Facebook has been testing AR ads on Messenger with the brands prior to launching the new set of ads with Michael Kors & Sephora.

The 3 new sets of interactive ads are:

  • Poll Ads
  • Playable Ads
  • AR (Augmented Reality) Ads
Facebook Interactive Ads
Source: Facebook

Following the poll system in Instagram Stories Ads, Facebook is rolling out Poll to Mobile Feed Ads. According to their words,

In 5 out of 9 brand lift studies, we observed poll ads increased brand awareness compared to video ads.

Facebook Internet Data, April 2019

That means it’s time for the brands to embrace poll ads than heavily focusing on video ads only.

Three brands already tested these new formats and the results are revealed.

WeMakeUp ran an Instagram AR ad campaign allowing users to virtually try on new shades of makeup, leading to a 27.6% lift in purchases.

On the other hand, VANS created a playable ad where players could guide a renowned skateboarder down a mountain, resulting in a 4.4% lift in ad recall. Facebook’s Chief Creative Officer said, that playable ads are still in its early stage and will evolve over time with iterations.

Another media brand also got a 1.6x increase in brand awareness with poll ads by promoting one of their TV Shows.

So, Instant Experience, Carousel & Collection Ads are not just the only interactive ads for Facebook, Messenger and Instagram platform. More is going to be added this month to all the advertisers.

If you would like to explore this new interactive ad for your brands. We will try to be the first to implement these ads in Bangladesh. Contact us for an early demo.

We are excited to try and implement these ads for Bangladesh and it’s local brands. Are you hyped too?