Beware of the Identity Scam

Beware of scam messages that use our identity to provoke customers and businesses. Thanks to one of our good clients who shared this screenshot from his WhatsApp message for our awareness. Please go through the below pointers to stay safe to be aware:

Identity scam alert for you
WhatsApp Scam Message using our Identity shared by one of our good clients

  1. Being a known digital agency and operating since 2015, we have a considerable online presence and trust among new clients organically. Thus these scammers are trying to frame messages using our name.
  2. We do not approach clients, influencers, creators, businesses, and end customers like this. Indeed not with an offer like this.
  3. Most of our services are for B2B, where we will only approach individuals with specific client brief through our validated officials, our phone: +8801971083058, or email address that represent our domain: hypedhaka.com
  4. We do not have any Marketing Manager position in our company, nor this name মিথিলা.
  5. The number used in this WhatsApp message also seemed to be outside Bangladesh. Apart from BD, we only have a presence in the UK and only approach UK clients from our UK number and domain – not from the Bangladesh one.
  6. After reviewing this message, we have checked our website, phone, and device security. Rest assured, and no hack happened internally.
  7. Use common sense and check our previous activities listed on Website’s Portfolio section to understand that we provide a very different service suite than this.
  8. As a disclaimer, we do not provide services to MLM, MLM-based eCom, Betting, Gambling, or Sports Betting sites – despite getting tons of requests from them lately, which we rejected. You will surely not get messages similar in o those.

Still, if you have seen a similar approach using our company name, kindly report it to us, as we will share all of these conversations with local law and authorities personnel. Thank you.